Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pool Party

Brian and Erica had everyone over for a pool party and it just so happened to be on her birthday.  We went over after naps and swam in the pool.  All the kids love to swim and had a blast.  They have a diving board and the kids were lined up for hours jumping off.  We hit a rough moment when I told Harper she could swim in the shallow end without a floaty and Cody said she couldn't, and neither of us knew it.  Harper refused to put it on, refused to obey so she got taken "out back" and war broke out.  Eventually, like 30 minutes of crying, fussing, and making a fool of herself, she put it on and swam with her friends.  Lorna brought Marcus and he was so good all night!  Harper pulled Presley underwater in a game of ring around the rosey.  Paige followed the big kids and jumped off the diving board one time, and even though she kept getting back up, she never jumped off again.  Paige swam with Bella, Erica's middle girl for an hour and I got a break.  It was a seriously fun night!  We ate dinner, and sang happy birthday and ate cake and rice krispie treats (with fuity pebbles!).  We stayed later than we should have but wish we could have lasted longer.  The girls were asleep before we made it home but it was a great night!

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