Thursday, August 4, 2016

4th at the Lake

After Paige woke up on Sunday afternoon, we left my family at Tanglewood and headed to the lake with our friends.  We went to the Piazza's cabin first and spent some time swimming.  Harper loves to swim and they have a blast out there.  They get to climb on and jump off the big water mat and then go back and forth between the sand and the water.  It was fun to be out in the water with all the adults too because it's the lake and nothing else matters out there.  Just relaxing and chatting and having a good time!  After awhile, we headed back to the cabin to get our stuff and food and go to Sandy Point.  The Spiegels were having a cookout and had invited everyone to come and eat and swim.  Joe took us all over in the golf cart.  The adults talked and the kids played in the sand for an hour.  It was fun having everyone in the same place including a few other families I hadn't meet yet but that Cody knew from school.  My girls love Sandy Point so I didn't even watch them all that much.  They just played with their friends, and then Julianne watched Paige - they love each other.  Kris cooked burgers and hotdogs and everyone else brought a side and dinner was awesome.  After that, we went back down to the water for one more swim.  We eventually had to leave because it was almost 9 and the girls were exhausted.  I gave them a quick shower and then we headed home.  

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