Thursday, August 4, 2016

4th with the Fam

We didn't get to have a family vacation this year so we decided to just spend the weekend with my parents and sisters.  A lot of the lakes are too high and their boat ramps are closed, but Texoma is open and perfect.  So my parents got a hotel room at Tanglewood and we spent the weekend hanging out there.  We met them out there for lunch on Saturday, which was pretty tasty!  Cody stayed in the room while Paige napped.  I took Harper to the pool and we swam with Mimi, Pop, Taylor and Carleigh.  It was super crowded because it was a holiday weekend, so we didn't really swim a ton.  Harper jumped on the bounce house and then we headed back to the room when Paige woke up.  We had a snack and changed into clothes to go play pool.  The girls rolled balls back and forth with Mimi on the other table and Cody and Carleigh played against Gary and I.  It was fun, I haven't played pool in awhile.  They won the first game but Pop pulled out a win for game 2.  After that we went to dinner at the restaurant upstairs and it was good.  Not too crowded so I wasn't worried about the girls being crazy.  By the time we got all of this done it was 8 and we decided to stay for the fireworks show.  We played on the playground and just hung out until it got dark and then loaded up in the boat (in the parking lot) and watched the fireworks.  They said it would start at 8:30, so we thought it would be ok to keep the girls up.  It ended up being from 9:15-9:30 and by the time we got them home and in bed it was super late.  But it was the first time for them to watch live fireworks and they loved it.  Plus Harper loved staying up late.  She felt so big!

We headed back out Sunday morning and went back out on the lake.  It was cool but still fun!  The boat wasn't working all that well so we just drove around and eventually Pop jumped in the lake with Paige and Harper.  They swam around and had a good time.  Paige wanted in and out of the boat and after the 5th time, we just called it quits.  We stopped and ate lunch at a mexican restaurant on the way back to the hotel because we were all hungry!  After that, Cody watched Paige while she napped in the room and the rest of us spent the afternoon hanging around the hotel.  I swam with Paige while Carleigh and Kristi laid out, Taylor read a book inside and Pop wandered back and forth.  It was a nice relaxing afternoon.  We had to head back after Paige woke up but it was a super fun weekend to get away and just spend tons of time with my family.

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