Thursday, August 4, 2016

Harper's Build A Bear

For her birthday, Gary, Kristi, Taylor and Carleigh gave Harper a trip to Build A Bear.  She didn't really understand it but she knew that she got to "build a bear" and the certificate had a picture of a Frozen Anna bear on it.  So she was excited anyway.  We went down on Friday afternoon so my family could take her after they got off work.  They ate a quick dinner and headed to Grapevine Mills Mall to do it.  Cody and I headed to dinner for date night so this is the story we got...  She was in complete awe when she walked in.  She immediately picked up the horse, but they told her to stop and look at every other animal first to make sure what she wanted.  She did but ended up with the horse still.  She was so excited to do everything: put the heart in, push the lever to stuff it, send up a wish for it, and officially name and adopt it.  They had a big wall of names to look at and she eventually chose Anna (not to be confused with Anna from Frozen).  She picked out the Elsa clothes, tshirt, skirt, and panties but not the dress and cape.  She thought about shoes but then decided against it because you would need 4 instead of 2.  She had the best time and she loves her horse!

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