Thursday, August 4, 2016

Floating the River

For Carleigh's graduation, we gave her a day to do whatever she wanted.  She wanted to float the river, but didn't really care about where we went.  So instead of driving to and from Austin in a day, we found a tubing place outside of Ft. Worth.  So we spent the night in Argyle after our date night and Harper's Build A Bear.  Saturday morning, we got up and went to have breakfast at Waffle House.  It's a favorite of ours since we had it driving home from Kansas years ago.  And we all love breakfast!  It was fun... They had a jukebox going and our server, Enoch, was so sweet and funny.  Carleigh was hit on by the restaurant host and we all ate way more food than we needed to.  After breakfast, Taylor went home because she decided she didn't want to be outside in the sun and heat all day and we headed to Ft. Worth.  We got to Millsap Hillbilly Haven around 10:30, put on sunscreen and got registered.  It took about an hour after that for us to get a seat on the bus, and that was a hot, miserable hour in the blazing sun.  The bus was overcrowded and seemed like it was going to break down, but we made it upriver.  We grabbed our tubes and started floating.  We thought it would only take 2-3 hours (online research) but the main guy there said it would take 5-6.  So sadly, we didn't have a cooler for waters or food.  Not the best decision.  We had tons of sunscreen on but had we been on the river any longer and we would all have fried.  I ended up with a sunburn on my scalp and knees but not too bad.  We talked for a solid 2 hours at first.  Politics, college, shopping lists.  It was fun.  Towards the end we chatted, crowd watched, and relaxed in the sun.  We floated a little, paddled a lot, and walked over a few sandbars.  It was still really fun though!  And most of the people floating around us were playing 90's rock which made for some great music.  We saw three alligators that turned out to be logs and two turtles that were a turtle and a log.  We got done floating around 5:30, showered at the campsite and then headed home.  We stopped and ate Rosa's tacos outside Ft. Worth and we were all seriously hungry!  We got to Argyle around 7:30 and we packed up the girls and chatted with my parents before heading home.  The girls had a great day.  They got to help bake pear cake, take care of the dogs, and play board games (Twister and Fancy Nancy) and Polly Pockets.  It was a fun weekend!

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