Wednesday, November 18, 2015

October Fun

October was fun.  Lots of events and places to go.  It was nice weather so we spent lots of time outdoors.  Paige is getting bigger and is way more fun.  She just crawls all over the house and follows us from room to room.  She loves to be outside playing with Harper.  Cody had Kevin's bachelor party so we spent a weekend just girls.  We went to Lowe's and did a wood project.  It was fun, but it's more fun with Cody here.  That weekend was Labor Day so Cody had off on Monday.  He got to watch Harper's gymnastics class and she loved showing off on the trampoline for him.  Our girls are getting so big. 

Paige has started eating foods all on her own.  I'm pretty over feeding her so I'm super thankful that the baby food phase is done.  She actually likes feeding herself way more.  She loves fruits and will eat some vegetables.  Grapes and black beans are big right now.  She won't eat pancakes in the morning, which is crazy.  She also won't eat bananas, which is annoying.  But just like Harper, I'm sure it will all come and go in waves.  At night, she is sometimes so tired that she can barely eat.  Sweet baby.  

We are thankful for the Haddock's.  We have been spending lots of time with Lorna, Reagan, and Presley since all of our other friends have started school full time.  It's been fun!  We go to the gym, gymnastics class, the library, and tons of shopping.  Harper and Reagan are good friends and play well together and Harper loves to help Presley and be her little mama.  Which works out because Reagan likes to play with Paige.  Presley wasn't quite sure about Paige at first, but I think she is warming up to her.  It had rained more this month than I think is normal, so we have gone to the library to play in the new kids area.  It's awesome.  They have fun and we just get to sit and chat.  

Harper is doing much better.  She seems to be feeling better and we are working on lots of attitude adjustments.  She still loves to color and draw.  We haven't been doing preschool all really.  I'm so done by 3pm and I usually still have tons to do.  She is too much of a fashionista these days.  It's been hard to get her dressed in the morning.  Somehow I bought her about 20 long sleeve tees for this winter, but she only wants to wear dresses, which she only has about 5 of.  It's a struggle every day.  She actually sat in front of her full closet one morning and said "I have nothing to wear."  She must be Kristen's kid.  But when she does get to wear something she likes, she is so cute.  She stares at herself in the mirror and tells me how pretty she is.  

Random things... Taylor came out of hiding from freshman year and we have gotten to snapchat, facetime, and talk with her lots more.  Since she runs Harper's instagram account, I like getting notifications like these...  I finally gave up on the plant that I have been barely keeping alive for years.  I hate gardening because I am so bad at it.  And I am so over clutter.  Our playroom was so full.  We pretty much have 4 years of toys and we can't really get rid of any of them yet.  It took me weeks to clean it all out and it is better, though it almost looks the same.  

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