Saturday, November 21, 2015

So big so fast!

As far as we have planned (I know life changes some...), Paige is our last.  It's been two hard pregnancies and two hard newborn stages.  So as she hit 6 months and counting, I have been realizing how many lasts I'm experiencing.  Paige just seems to grow overnight sometimes.  She went from sitting to crawling to standing in like 5 days.  She doesn't care for toys, she just wants to stand up and be big.  She wants to follow Harper and be big instead of little.  She stands up at her activity center and will just bang her hands around forever.  She falls a lot, but somehow that doesn't stop her.  She is a wild child, just like her big sister.  

I love seeing Paige in some of my favorite clothes that Harper wore.  It makes me so sentimental and sappy.  And I can usually find a picture of Harper in it from 4 years ago.  This dress I got when Harper was born.  I have the same one in a light purple.  I've always loved them because they are simple and yet she always looked so cute in them.  Since Harper and Paige were born in opposite seasons, so they ended up wearing them at different times.  Paige wore it at 6-9 months because I wanted her get to wear it a few times before winter.  Harper wore it at 12-18 months when summer hit.  Oddly enough, it fit them both.  Which makes me cry because it means that Paige is big and growing up and almost not a baby anymore.  But she looks pretty cute!

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