Sunday, November 15, 2015

Taylor is a college girl!

We wanted to go see Taylor for her freshman year at the University of Arkansas.  She is rooming with Gentry Sutherland, her best friend from Argyle Methodist (she went to Marcus HS).  They live on the 10th floor of a dorm and they can see the whole campus.  They are having a great year.  School isn't too bad and they are getting to know a lot of the girls on their floor.  We waited until we got the camper so we could take it camping over the weekend in Arkansas.  Sadly, there was a huge rainstorm that Friday and it would have drowned our camper.  So we got a hotel and went Saturday instead of Friday.  We got there and it was the best reunion.  We hadn't seen Taylor in 3 months.  It was way too long for me and even worse for Harper.  She missed her TayTay.  When she saw her, she wanted to hide like she always does when people come visit, but she just couldn't wait.  She ran up to her and it was the sweetest hug ever.  

We went to walk around campus and grab some lunch.  It is a beautiful campus with tons of history and lots of old buildings.  It was cool to walk around and see everything and all their classes.  After that, we had to go back to the dorm because it was Paige's naptime.  Cody stayed back to put her to sleep and the rest of us girls went shopping.  We just walked around the mall and looked in stores.  It's crazy how long it's been since I've just wandered around a mall.  We eventually headed back to campus and sadly got stuck in an hour of traffic when the football game ended.  It was horrible.  Harper was starving for food and I had nothing.  Cody had called and Paige had pooped and I had forgotten to leave a diaper.  I felt so lame (which happens a lot these days, but oh well).  We finally made it back and decided to go to dinner.  Taylor picked a hole in the wall place she had heard about and it looked totally sketchy (it was attached to a motel).  But it turned out to be amazing food.  Harper loved the fettucini alfredo and I probably could have eaten 5 loaves of their garlic bread.  After dinner, we dropped the girls off at the dorm and headed to our hotel.  It was an hour away (we couldn't get a hotel in Fayetteville because it was a game weekend).  We got there, put the girls to bed and fell asleep watching the A&M game.  

The next morning, we got up and Taylor came out to see us.  We had breakfast and wandered around.  She had a class project to do and we all headed out just in time for Paige's nap.  It was a good trip home until the last hour and then both girls just couldn't handle it.  It was a fabulous weekend.  We missed Taylor so much!  We can't wait for holidays for her to come home.

Funny things that happened on the trip...

Gentry and Taylor's room is way smaller than I thought!  It's about 10x10, like mine freshman year.  Community bathrooms.  I know how life is in a dorm like that.  I'm impressed.  

They miss babies and puppies.  Way more than is good for college freshman.  But I think they figured out how life with a baby in a dorm would be horrible.

Always keep a diaper handy, just in case.  

Coffee is lifegiving.  

Don't promise your 4 year old a play area at a mall if you have no idea if there is one.  When you are wrong, you'll have to answer to a sad, whiney 4 year old.  

Not all crappy looking restaurants are crappy.  

Sleeping in a hotel, with a full, comfortable, read bed and a full shower and free breakfast is so nice.  Especially compared to camping in a pop-up camper.  Although way more expensive. 

I miss college.  But I am no longer college age.  What a bittersweet thought.  

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