Saturday, April 18, 2015

March Madness

March seemed to be going by slow, but I'm glad it's over.  Thankfully, we had a fabulous spring break and it definitely helped get us through the month.  I seriously cannot wait until it's summer and Cody is home for 2 whole months.  The beginning of March was super cold, the middle was still pretty cold and the end has been mild weather but tons of rain.  Spring is definitely coming and I am so over the winter.  It's way too hard to get any energy to do anything when I have both girls and it's 30 degrees outside.  Plus, I hate winter and love summer, so things can only get better.  Harper has gotten to play outside a few times, a lot over spring break, and she is ready for nice weather too.  We didn't do much over spring break.  We cleaned out the house a bit and Cody worked outside.  It was just nice to have both of us home to take care of the girls and help each other out.  On March 1st, it would have been my grandma's 91st birthday.  We were randomly making chocolate chip cookies when I realized it, and it made me smile.  I miss her every day but I'm so thankful for the influence she has on my life, even though she is gone.  

Paige is good, growing and being a baby.  This grey and white onesie is one of my favorites, and I think she looks so cute in it.  I should put her in normal clothes or put a bow in her hair more often, but I can't gather enough energy to care about it.  It's funny to see her fighting sleep sometimes and then being so tired later that I literally could do anything to her and she still wouldn't wake up.  Sometimes she will only open one eye, and I am guessing she's cursing me in baby language for trying to wake her from her much wanted nap.  

Cody is a great dad.  And even though he pretends to be scared of tiny babies, he is so great with her. Sometimes, even better than me.  In the evening, when she is having her witching hour melt down, he can usually calm her more than me.  We have a pretty good routine going.  I get pj's for both girls after dinner and Harper and I wash Paige in the bath.  Paige hated the bath at first but now that we keep a constant flow of warm water over her, she likes it.  This girl does not like to be cold.  After Paige is washed, Cody takes her and plays with her while I wash Harper.  Then I put Harper to bed and we switch so he can say goodnight too.  We give her a bath every night to wake her up and get her good and tired before bedtime.  It seems to be working.  Then, we get everything ready for that night - diapers out, blankets ready, all bottles made.  It makes everything so much easier at 2am when I don't have the intelligence to do it.  

I did go to girls night even though I wasn't sure it was going to work.  I had to feed her in the restaurant but it was ok.  She needed to stay up afterwards but none of the girls could get her to wake up long enough to even open an eye.  That night she was up crying that night till midnight and I was kicking myself for it later.  But it was still worth it because I had a solid 2 hours of laughing, talking, and being normal.  It was wonderful and very needed.  Towards the end of the night, she seemed to be throwing gang signs at Stephney so we had to play around with her.  

Harper is the best big sister.  I've already said it, but I just keep thinking it.  She has done so good and she helps me so much.  She grabs diapers, she brings the paci, she finds toys.  She is always playing with Paige, making her happy and keeping her entertained.  She sometimes gets bored and frustrated when I can't play with her because I am feeding or rocking Paige.  Or she sometimes gets annoyed that I'm constantly asking her to be quiet, whisper, don't go back there, go to the playroom, etc.  Which is a lot of Paige's fault because she is such a high maintenance baby.  But in general, Harper loves Paige and would do most anything for her.  

March was a bit rough but it's over and I'm hopeful that April will be much better!  Paige is getting big and the sun is coming out and life is looking up.  No one likes winter anyways.  I am thankful for friends and family who have helped this month.  Visitors that came by.  And my amazing sister who came and stayed for three days and gave me back a piece of my sanity.  Carleigh spent half her spring break helping me with the girls.  She cleaned, held babies, entertained Harper, kept me from being lonely, and made me laugh everyday.  I am so thankful for her!

I found this old gem on Cody's phone.  I did so good eating healthy and working out during my pregnancy and felt pretty good towards the end.  This was the week before she came and I finally caved and just let myself have ice cream.  Of course he took a picture of me eating out of the carton, but there wasn't much left!

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