Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter with the Klusmans

We planned a big Easter weekend with my family.  Eric was coming in town and we had lots to do.  Everyone wanted to see Paige and we wanted to just relax.  So we decided to go to Kristen's house on Saturday to visit with my Dad and then spend the night before celebrating with my Mom on Sunday.  Paige hates driving anyways, so it seemed like a great idea for a cousin sleepover and to get to spend more time with my family.  

As soon as we got there, Grayson was so excited to see Paige.  He loves her so much!  He wants to hold her, feed her, hug her, and figure out why she is crying.  He is going to be such a great big brother soon.  This time, even Reese held Paige and did a pretty good job for being 2.  Paige is a pretty good sport, she is used to Harper holding her all the time, so she endured.  Grayson even gave her a bottle, which he did rather well.  Until the end when he complained that it was taking too long and holding his arm up was starting to hurt.  Haha!  So true.  

Another cousin picture attempt.  Another epic fail.  These kids are nuts.  Reese is in a stage where for the most part, she isn't smiling.  You have to work really hard to get a smile.  Grayson has two smiles, cheesy and real.  And you have to get him past the cheesy one to get to the real one.  And Harper smiles but also talks, waves her arms, messes with Paige, and doesn't pay attention.  So getting one when all of them are smiling isn't happening.  But they are cute anyway.

Reese finally potty trained and did so good!  It only took one weekend at home, and she was pretty much accident free after a week.  So proud of her.  She loves the positive attention so she was happy to go the bathroom on the little princess potty in the living room.  It made it so much easier and she learned so fast!  So we brought her a present of new Minnie Mouse panties to say good job!  She loved them and even tried to put some on right then. 

The McCools are getting their pool cleaned and resurfaced so Brian wanted to see how high the water could be where someone in waders wouldn't get wet.  So my dad brought his over and tried it out.  Then Carleigh and Grayson decided to try too.  Grayson was so shocked that he was in the pool and not wet.  It was so funny to watch his face as he got farther and farther in.  It was such a great afternoon just hanging out and relaxing.  It was also a beautiful day, so being outside was perfect.  

My parents brought the kids Easter baskets which they loved.  They got some coloring books, stickers, and puzzles about Jesus.  Plus, these huge bunny peeps.  I can't believe it, well I can actually, but both girls loved their peeps.  Grayson didn't bat an eye, but those girls would have eaten their whole pack in one sitting if we had let them.  They are sugar junkies.  The also got to have a scavenger hunt that my Dad planned for them to find their prizes.  Grayson did most of the work, but they had fun running around to find the prize.  

We headed outside later that afternoon so Grayson could show us that he had finally learned to ride his bike.  He went from training wheels, to a balance bike, to finally riding.  He was so proud.  He went fast too, and sometimes swerved like he was seriously drunk, but he did it!  Reese and Harper wanted to ride too so all three went up and down the sidewalk for almost an hour.  Harper loves having these two around, she loves having built in friends.  We stood out there and talked and just laughed.  It was a perfect afternoon.

That evening, Grayson had a soccer game.  He was making up games from March when a few weeks got rained out.  So we all got to see him running around.  He is great at soccer and it's fun to watch him get better each year at something he loves.  Kristi took care of the big girls and Eric took care of Paige.  He looks good in pink minky dot!  

After the game, we headed back to Kristen's house and ordered pizza so we didn't have to do anything for the rest of the night.  We sat on the couch and the boys watched March Madness.  Kristen got to hang with Paige and see her smile and laugh.  I got to bath the three bigs, which was fun for me because they are so crazy together.  Afterwards, Reese and Harper got story time before bed.  They were both so excited for a cousin sleepover.   It was Harper's first one and she thought it was the best idea ever.  They slept on Reese's new trundle bed and Grayson was going to join them later in his sleeping bag (Eric was in his room).  They went to bed at 8pm and it was at least 9pm before they went to sleep.  We went up there every 10 minutes to tell them to lay down, stop talking, no more giggling, etc.  But those two didn't seem to care.  They talked and laughed and watched each other the whole time.  Reese peering over the bed.  Harper standing up to see Reese.  In the end, they went to sleep and we thought it would be ok.  Grayson went to sleep later after playing with Eric.  But around 10pm, Reese starting waking up every 10 or so minutes, crying.  After about 45 min of this, Harper woke up crying, begging Reese to stop crying.  She was tired and confused and a little scared.  Reese ended up in Kristen's room and they finally went back to sleep.   We all went to bed because those kids get up early no matter what time you go to bed.  

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