Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We love you, Paige!

Our whole world now revolves around these two.  And Harper's world mostly revolves around Paige tooIt's so crazy how she has only !  It feels like Paige has always been here and that this is our family.  We are complete.  They make every day happy and fun.  It's so crazy to think she is only 2 months old.  Harper loves Paige.  I've said it before, but everyday she surprises me with how much she loves her.  She plays with her, entertains her, gets her paci/blanket, and usually knows exactly what she wants or needs.  She is such a great big sister.  We had an appointment and Harper got bored so she took some pictures of Paige.  She is also getting to be a pretty good photographer too!  It doesn't hurt that her subject is pretty cute!

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