Monday, July 8, 2013

It looks like a house!

It may not be pretty yet, but it's finally starting to look like a house!  Everything has been framed and new sheetrock put up.  We have texture on all the walls and ceilings.  New doors and molding has been put on.  All the floors have been pulled up or scraped up.  

Here is what we have left...  Paint on all the walls, ceilings, doors, molding, kitchen and bathroom cabinets goes on this week.  Floors go in next week.  Granite the week after and all the other little details after that (doorknobs, light fixtures, etc).  We are hoping to move in two weeks from now, after the floors.  Then it won't be a disaster zone and we'll at least be able to sleep there and get more work done from there.  

Bathroom addition framed 

Back yard

Garage enclosure finished


Kitchen Island and Cabinet Mock-up

Kitchen Island


Master Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom Closet

New A/C unit installed in the attic

3 layers of linoleum being scraped off the floor 

Sheetrock installed in the kitchen and island

Sheetrock in the living room

Kitchen Cabinets installed 
Cody and his dad installed these themselves.

So far, we've only did a small portion of the work ourselves, and it's still been a beast.  
We go up to Denison and one of us watches Harper while the other one works at the house.  
But we can already tell that she is getting tired of being carted around to do housework and look at stuff
for the house.  Cody goes up sometimes by himself to work outside and try to get everything in order.  
It's ALOT!  But we are close to the end and I'm soooo ready!

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