Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cody's Father's Day and Birthday Celebration

Father's Day weekend was also Cody's birthday weekend.  We love celebrating Cody.  He's our favorite guy, the best husband, the most amazing dad, and one of the best guys of all time (GOAT!).  

We planned a WHOLE day full of family time and it turned out well.  We went to church and we sat in the back, because it's Cody's favorite seats.  We grabbed lunch on the way home and walked around outside by the pond.  It was a nice and peaceful morning.

Harper wanted to spend every single minute with Cody for Father's Day 
so even when he was busy, she waited for him...

Harper trying on her new puddle jumper and sitting in her 
new chair (she LOVES finding new places to sit). 

Taylor and Carleigh were on their first mission trip to Virginia for a week.  They had a fabulous time, serving others less fortunate than most of the people we know.  They got home around lunchtime and sat on the couches like this for a solid couple of hours.  But Harper was SO happy to have them home.  

After nap, we went to Kristen's to celebrate with Mark and my mom.  We got to swim in their pool for the first time and we had a great time.  Harper learned to float with her puddle jumper and jump off the side into the pool.  We swam and sat in the sun and had a fabulous, relaxing afternoon.  Grayson loves the water and was showing Harper his cannonball tricks.  Reesey was in the water for awhile but has her water table "cage" that she likes too.  

She loves her dad!

KK and Reese

Reese is almost walking!

The "Cage"

Jumping off the side into the pool

Getting catapulted into the air

Of course we played baseball.

Harper and Reesey are quickly becoming bffs.  

Singing happy birthday to Cody.  He got a some new camo crocs and a DD book.

The next day we went to Denison to celebrate Father's day, birthdays, and see our house.  The house looks good and we are SO ready for it to get done.  We spent time hanging outside on Buddy and Serena's patio.  It was a great day, with just enough breeze, so it was a good indicator of a nice, quiet, country life.  Fabulous steak dinner and presents all around and back to Argyle in one day.  

Harper got a little used to receiving presents and being the center of attention for her birthday.
So when it was Cody's turn, she just had to show him how to do it.  

After 3 years of searching, we found Buddy a new camping chair with an attached stool.  

Harper's new book for her 2nd birthday.

The day after Denison, we celebrated Cody and Taylor's birthdays (32 and 17) and Dad's father's day.  We had chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, Cody and Taylor's favorite.  

New T. Swift blanket - OMG fer sure

Found this little gem and we wore it all day on his birthday. 

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