Friday, July 26, 2013

Harper the Hilarious

2 year Stats and Info

All moms are biased, I'm sure of that.  But of course I think my kid is pretty stinking amazing.  She can make my whole day better.  She can truly make us laugh out loud about the dumbest things.  She is usually smiling and happy to be doing whatever every day.   And she loves me.  In all my imperfections, she loves me and trusts me completely.  What a fabulous self esteem boost.

At 2 years old, Harper is in tall and weighs 26 lbs.  That is 25% in height and 75% in weight (um, yikes).  She doesn't seem short or fat though, so i'm not too worried.  However, after a meal that belly sticks out like it's about to burst.  

Her hair is a fabulous mixture of blonde and almost white hair and it probably goes almost halfway down her back.  It's getting pretty thick and is one of my favorite things about her.  Even Taylor has complained how unfair it is that Harper has the perfect pony tail (which she asks me to do, like mama, daily).  Her eyes are still a beautiful blue and she has almost all of her teeth (missing her 2nd year molars).  She is wearing between 18 month and 24 month clothes.  Shorts run big on her; her tiny tush can still fit into some of her 12-18 month shorts.  But shirts run small; it's the belly, and I can't let my 2 year old walk around sporting midriff bearing tops.  Feet are a 5 1/2 wide (maybe double wide...) and we wear crocs most of the time because they are just easier and fit better.

Harper still eats like a beast and loves her schedule (like always).  Wake around 7, up at 7:30.  A scrambled egg, 1/2 cup of oatmeal and a banana in the morning.  Cheerios for midmorning snack around 10.  Cheese, yogurt with granola, grapes, beans, and pita chips at 12 for lunch.  Nap from 1-3.  Afternoon snack of bunnies after nap.  Dinner around 5:30 is always different.  Since we've been living with my parents, Kristi has cooked tons of soy free meals that make dinner with Harper so much easier, and for that I'm grateful.  Bath at 7 and then books and bedtime at 7:30.  She usually lays for awhile and is alseep an hour or so later.  Life gets quiet and slow after 7:30 for us and we like it.  ALOT.

Harper talks all the time, sometimes it's understandable, sometimes it's not.  She sometimes does something to get attention and then covers her mouth and laughs and says, "Gorsh...funny.  Haha."  It's so cute and I have no idea where she got it.  Words that she says that are incorrect but adorable: Baggie (Maggie), Car-ye (Carleigh), Yuh (Yeah), 'Mon (Come on), Yuv U (Love you), Fwimmin Pool (Swimming Pool), Wunch (Lunch).  She is always asking where people and things are.  "Dada, R U?"  And everything is in the third person, she loves to tell me when "Harper" does something.  One night Cody said, "Harper, that was a stinky fart" and she repeated "stinky fart" in a sing-song voice all night long.  

We love counting.  She can count to 12 on her own, but when she gets excited she skips or repeats numbers.  She mostly counts to 4 (I don't know why).  She knows her colors.  She almost always guesses blue first, but then guesses the right color the 2nd time.  Her favorite new songs include Rain, Rain Go Away, Mr. Sun, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, and a few off her ipad that include Candy Cane Jane, Blast Off Rocket Ship, and Buzz Buzz.  She also enjoys listening to her spanish jukebox on her ipad and I really don't know if she knows it's a different language or not.

Her ipad is a kid's version of one called Nabi Jr.  It is our go-car ride toy.  She loves the animal flashcards, animal sounds, counting games, puzzle pieces (she can usually get the head in the right place), the music, and now some shows that Cody put on there.  It's a fabulous toy that has saved us tons of headaches with this move.  She also loves her new Minnie Mouse dress up toy and her new baby doll stuff that she got for her birthday.  She loves to play mom.  She also has gotten very into hide and seek lately.  She is always hiding in random places, crawling under covers, or making people find her.  She absolutely loves it.

She loves people and her dad, but she is a mama's girl alot.  She does everything with me still, errands, chores, dates, etc.  She will now tell me how and when to play with her, Harper's turn vs Mama's turn, and she usually leads me around and tells me to follow her.  Sometimes this is the only way to get her to share.  She loves to play with her friends.  She likes to people/kid watch and then play with something how someone else did.  She still loves any park or playground.  She's in a timid phase where things scare her (tunnel slides, bigger kids, larger animals).  But if people let her be, she will play by herself for hours on end.  Most of the time she gets annoyed when people try to play with her, which I think is funny.  She is still a serious girl.  Walks around in her heels, accessorizing, changes clothes a lot, wants her finger nails painted and wants to wear lipstick.

Happy 2 years Harper Elizabeth!  It's been such a joy watching you grow this year!

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  1. Loved this post! What a blessing that sweet girl is! Happy birthday Harper! May you continue to be an everyday joy to those who share your sunshine!