Sunday, July 7, 2013

Frank Buck Zoo

For Harper's 2nd birthday, we took a family trip to the zoo.  Since we live in Denton, the Frank Buck Zoo was pretty close.  Plus, it's a lot smaller and has way less people there, so it was perfect.  Harper is seriously into animals lately.  She loves to see them, make animal noises, and read books about animals.  But she does call them "onimols", which is pretty cute. 

Cody was very excited to take Harper to Frank Buck Zoo.  It was the zoo he always went to because it was closest to Denison.  It has at least doubled in size since he was younger but he still got a bit nostalgic.  

A little scared of the bears

Bunnies (and armadillos?)

The goats were one of the best features.  You can buy some food (a lot like dog food) and feed them goats through the window in the fence.  They just jump up and try to lick your hand off while gobbling the food as fast as possible.  It feels funny and it's actually really funny to watch.  The all black goat was a meanie and always tried to butt the other goats out of the way.

We walked around the whole zoo and stopped to eat snack and take a break.  It was really hot and muggy there because all the animals need tons of trees for shade so it was almost like the heat and moisture were getting stuck near the ground.  But after awhile we headed back around to go feed the giraffe and see the animals one more time.  

For one dollar, you got to feed the giraffe a leaf of lettuce.  It was pretty cool to be so close to such a large and gentle animal.  This giraffe stood about 2 stories tall and it's baby was only like 8 feet tall.  Harper was so excited that she threw her lettuce at the giraffe and it had to find it on the fence rail to eat it.  

After the zoo, Harper really wanted to play in the playground for a bit.  It's an all wooden playground that is big and tons of fun to play hide and seek in.  She played there, watched the choo-choo train for awhile, and then we headed home.  

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