Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moving to the Country

So our big news right now, if you haven't heard, is that we are moving.  To the country.  To cows.  To no neighbors.  To small town life.  And we are going willingly, just so you know.  :)

We are moving to Denison, where Cody grew up.  It's just over an hour north from here, about 5 miles south of the Oklahoma border.  It's a nice town, everybody knows everybody.  His parents will live across the street (I know, but it won't be like Everybody Loves Raymond), and his Aunt and Uncle and Cousins live nearby too.  It's right next to Sherman, which has more shopping and such, but it has everything you need (not want, mind you, but need).  It'll give us a nice, quiet life.  A slower pace.  A life that feels more in tune with the old days.  If you know my husband, you know this is who he is and what he wants.

Cody's grandmother passed away in November.  Her house is from the 70's so it's small and needs just a wee bit of help.  But it's on 10 acres with tons of trees, a creek, a pond, a shed and a barn (which is 4 times bigger than the house - go figure).  So we are going to remodel the house, which I am excited about.  I'll finally get to put my hours of pinterest to good use.

It's a lot to process, even for us.  But we are excited.  I love my house and where we live.  I love our friends, our playgroups, our day to day routine.  I love that my parents are close, my sister and my niece and nephew are always around, and my sisters come over for Duck Dynasty marathons and trips to the thrift store.  I love our little life right now.  But I like change and adventure so I am excited to see what the future holds for us.

Cody will try to get a job teaching at Denison High School.  There aren't as many positions and a lot less turnover, so we'll see what happens.  Thankfully, our new next door neighbor (next door being a few acres away, but still) is the Superintendent so maybe Cody will have an in.

We have been working hard getting our house ready to sell.  It's crazy how clean my house is now that I'm about to leave it.  We are selling it by owner since I have time and energy and why not?  My mom will help when we need it and I'll buy her an extra special mother's day gift this year.  But since we are selling it ourselves, if you know of anyone looking for a house in Highland Village, send them our way, would ya?

So, that's that.  Life is about to change.  It's already gotten a little stressful.  But it's all just a part of life and God's plan.  When Cody first asked me to go, my answer was NO.  But as we prayed about it, I knew God was telling me that we were going.  I don't know why, but I know God wants us up there for something.

So pray for us, pray for guidance as all of this unfolds, and pray for our future ministry up in Denison.  Thanks friends!

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