Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Beautiful Day with the Aunties

It had been almost 3 weeks since we had hung out with my sisters due to traveling and valentine's day.  It doesn't sound long, but they bring a lot of joy into our family and we missed them!  They came over last Sunday after church and spent the day hanging out and playing with Harper.

 Don't take funny pictures on someone else's phone unless you want them posted...

Cody's gift from my sisters, just because they love him, and because they all love Si.

Spending the afternoon at Kids Kastle

Being creepy adults at a park

Finally learned to slide on her own

Feeding the ducks

I swear they love him more than me

Following tradition, we had dinner at Ihop since there was no school on Monday. 

Taylor posted this picture on her instagram with the following caption.  
This is why they bring me joy.  I love them!  It was a great day!

home is wherever i'm with you.  

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