Monday, March 11, 2013

The Month of February

February!  It was an interesting month.  We had a lot going on with deciding on the house, dealing with contractors in Denison, cleaning up our house, playing outside on nice days, and going from sweet baby girl to hitting the terrible 2's a little early!

This is how she tells you she heard something.  
Hand to ear, head cocked to the side, and a funny "huh?".  

Harper is starting to understand and explain herself better these days.  She is able to hear or see something and know what it is, where it came from, or why it is.  When I vacuum the living room, she immediately goes to her room because she knows I do that room next.  When Cody gets out the salsa from the fridge, she gets the chips out of the pantry.  She has definitely learned our routine around this house.  She also understands a lot more.  Now she can understand even Cody and I's conversations.  Guess we have to really start watching what we say.

She has progressed in her vocabulary too.  Her new words include outside, baby, run, and blow.  Her words that only we understand are Maggie (she calls her "B") and Come Here (she says "Ese" while waving you forward).  Harper also adds a Y to most words that start with H.  So hott is yhott, and hi is yhi.  And everything is always in her sweet, singsong voice.  Pretty cute.  She has also decided that she wants to always hold two people's hands - one person just isn't enough.

A morning playing with MMC stickers and sitting on her fav window ledge.  

Her favorite thing to do right now is to play with her baby.  She always tells us "bebe" so we don't forget to get Baby.  She likes to feed her, give her a paci, and cover her with the blanket.  She is going to be such a good big sister someday.  She is loving her golf clubs but usually plays more hockey than golf.  She still love to read and can sit and "read" 10 books at a time.  We still watch MMC everyday after nap but she is starting to enjoy Sophia and Jake a little too.  

She is still a super happy toddler.  She plays so great, loves people, can play outside for hours.  A dance party is always on the agenda and running naked after bath is a must.  However, as each day passes, she gets a little more stubborn.  Somehow, when I say No, it doesn't make much impact anymore.  She just does it anyways, sometimes as quickly as possible if she sees me coming for her.  We tried swatting her butt or her hand, but that didn't work.  She would swat herself right after and laugh because it didn't hurt or she didn't care.  So at my wit's end, I have started time out in the crib, no toys/paci, with the door shut.  It seems to be the only thing that is working right now because she doesn't like being apart from us.  She had a bad day a few weeks ago, was melting down, screaming on the floor, throwing toys across the room, so I put her in her first time out.  She was ticked.  But we made up at the end and I explained what happened and that I still loved her.  Afterwards, she wouldn't let go of me for hours.  I don't think she likes it.  

I made homemade breakfast muffins with yogurt and oats.  I put blueberries in them and I guess she didn't like that.  She sucked each bite until she had eaten all of the muffin except the blueberries.  

One good thing that has changed this month is that we are hopefully over the dairy issue.  She is eating yogurt and cheese, which she loves.  It seems to be going well, she seems to be acting normal.  She is still eating only Real food, nothing processed, but she is still such a good eater.  One night my stepmom made a sweet potato and carrot soup and no one would eat it except Harper.  

This day, Harper kept wanting me to put more and more pairs of pants on her.  I was talking to my sister and she heard me say "No ma'am Harper, you don't need anymore pants."  Then, about 3 minutes later, I told my sister, "Guess what I'm doing right now, putting 4 pairs of pants on Harper."  I can't ever say no to that kid.  

 Cody has been hanging out, watching DD, doing yard work, etc.  His schedule this semester has him alone all day so he has some guys he hangs out with on Tuesday mornings over coffee.  I have been enjoying our playgroup and seeing some friends from high school.  Plus, we have a new home group that has lots of kids Harper's age, so she has lots of new friends.   

Cody had open house this past week and was gone at bedtime.  Harper and I read books (which is usually his job) and sent pictures to him so he could say good night.  We miss him when he isn't here...

I have not been sewing lately because of the house stuff.  But we had a thing a Mom's Inc (my moms group at church) called a Pinterest Party where we could create something we had pinned for a contest. I made Harper a nap mat and she loves it.  

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