Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Madness

March has been a fabulous month.  Harper is growing up so much and it's fun to watch.  It's weird to suddenly realize that she knows how to do something or can say something that your baby shouldn't be able to do or say.  But they grow up fast!  

Still loves reading.  She can point out random things on pages, things I don't think that I have taught her.  And it's almost like she has memorized all her books - she seems to know everything about them already.  She still loves to play outside and has recently found an addiction with collecting rocks, flowers, dirt, and sticks.  She also loves balls, coloring, stickers, cups and spoons.  She loves her baby, rocking her, wrapping her up, giving her a paci and a bath.  She lost baby for about a week so she started playing with bunny and minnie mouse stuffed animals she had.  Thankfully we found baby but now she has found a lot of new friends.

Harper's eating habits have gotten better and worse.  She is eating dairy now so her restrictions have decreased.  She has started eating quesadillas, yogurt with granola, and bites of my cereal.  She is still allergic to soy which means all processed foods or anything with vegetable oil is off limits.  Her fabulous eating habits of all fruits and vegetables however is dwindling.  I guess she's getting bored with plain fruits and veggies.  I am trying to find new recipes, but it's harder than it looks.  I found an all natural peanut butter and I'm sure it will get easier with time.  She is getting amazingly good with a fork and spoon, so hopefully we be done with this crazy, messy eating style soon.

At dinner we play simon says, and this is her copying Cody 

Harper is wearing 18 month clothes, but some are still a little big.  She can still fit into some of her 12 month stuff and she will probably be able to wear a lot of her summer stuff from last year again this year.  She wants to always wear a bow, and now wants us to wear bows too.  I actually went out the other day with a bow in my hair before realizing it.    

The only thing I could find green in her closet for St. Patrick's day

She got a few new pairs of shoes for summer, some new nike kicks and a pair of keen sandals.  She loves shoes, always wants to put shoes on, even in the house.  And she loves walking around in our shoes or helping us put our shoes on.  Her new skill she is learning is to put on her own clothes.  She is constantly putting multiple pairs of pants on and even loves trying on all of Cody and I's clothes. She is going to be a major fashionista.  

Trying on Carleigh's heels

In love with pockets and hoods

Harper has turned into a funny little person.  She likes to find random things and stand on them or lay on them.  Like cutting boards, pillows, books, etc.  She is becoming an expert on climbing up chairs, beds, and is almost able to climb out of her crib (NO!).  She also likes to run around and then "fall" onto the ground and see you care that she is "hurt".  We don't usually care, so it doesn't last long.  

We have had lots of playdates lately with our friends.  She is getting much better at sharing her toys, which is good.  When other kids play at her house, she doesn't understand why they can play with her stuff.  It's hers, isn't it?  So we are working on sharing, and it seems to be getting better.  We recently went to an indoor play area and she had a great time climbing the huge jungle gym and playing with the big kids.  She even went down the tall, twisty, tunnel slide by herself.  She's so big!

Reading before nap time at the Hunt's while we babysat

Cody and I are good.  We have lots of new stuff going on with the house, but that will be a whole other post.  Cody's school is good.  He has been hanging out with his work buddies a lot and that's good because they are awesome guys.  We are really getting to know and enjoy our home group.  I've been doing a lot of house stuff, so I haven't been out much.  My life is a little boring right now.  We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Six seems like it's not so newlywed anymore - sad...  But we had some good food and were happy to just sit and talk about our fab life together.  

I got this bamboo tree from Cody two years ago for our anniversary and I have definitely killed it.  I am horrible at gardening.  I keep trying but I don't actually know what I'm doing so it doesn't help.  

We are trying to eat less processed food so we made some whole wheat homemade biscuits the other morning.  They were..NOT good.  This is the picture of the hunk of butter Harper tried to eat because it was the only good thing on this plate.  

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