Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes, I think she knows exactly what she's doing...

They say that babies don't know what they are doing, they just do what they want with no motivations. However, when it comes to Harper, I would bet money that Miss Priss knows exactly what she's doing.  Either way, she is pretty funny these days.

She always seems to poop at naptime (which either keeps her up or wakes her up) or right after you have changed her wet diaper.  I guess she wants to go in a clean diaper.  She also poops about 4 times a day. Probably because she can and knows that we can't do anything about it except suck it up and change it.  She does throw her paci's out of her crib during naptime and this always indicates that she pooped.  That's baby sign language, right?

She throws tantrums every single day.  She absolutely hates the word NO.  However, she is great at climbing into your lap while throwing that tantrum, thus negating any anger or frustration you might have had.  She does get in trouble a lot because she absolutely loves our pantry.  She takes out all 4 cereal boxes, pancake mix, granola bars, soy sauce, etc.  She had fun dumping out the rice the other day (Maggie was particularly happy for that treat).

Playing with the rice.

She will only drink milk from a bottle and water from a sippy cup.  We have stood right in front of her, given her a bottle of milk (she drank), transferred it to a sippy cup (she wouldn't drink), and then transferred it back to a bottle (she drank again). All directly in front of her.  This child pushes me towards insanity.

Hates her sippy.

She has started to back into things.  Corners, doors, away from you, etc.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe she's just more confident that things don't hurt as bad when she falls on her butt.  Either way, she's funny when she stars at you while backing into a table or another room.

Backed into the fridge (her favorite forbidden place).

She likes my parent's dogs, Pumpkin and Piper.  Pumpkin is extremely laid back and lets Harper do whatever she wants, including laying on her.  So Harper comes home and tries to lay on Maggie, to which Maggie promptly walks away from her.  So Harper ends up walking around, half crouched over like an old man, trying to lay her head on Maggie's back.

I washed a full load of her clothes the other day and realized that there were 4 shirts and 2 pants in there that weren't even dirty.  She's like my sweet little elf that takes everything out and reorganizes everything in a chaotic fashion, instead of helping.  She can take everything out of the pantry in about 2 minutes flat.  And we recently found a puzzle piece behind the cereal.

Playing with my clothes, not exactly where they are supposed to go.

She has always been intrigued by the shower.  She used to be caged in her jumper while we were in there, so it was never a problem.  However, she's big enough now that she gets full reign while we get ready.  She takes everything out of my cabinet (including my nail polish which broke when she tapped it on the ground).  She likes to play in the toilet (gross).  And of course she figured out how to get in the shower.  She climbs the step and leans way over to peek inside.  Then she begins to throw everything she can find into the shower.  Awesome.  Thanks for that.

She loves to climb.  She always seems to have her leg lifted trying to step over or climb up something.  Bathtub.  Chairs.  You.  Etc.  She climbs over the table legs, sometimes getting her foot caught (because she's not actually tall enough but that doesn't seem to matter).  Lately, she likes to just go up and down any step she finds.  She tries it out.  Does it again to make sure she won't fall.  Then proceeds to perfect going up and down that one step.  Then she moves on to the next step or a higher step.  I guess practice makes perfect.

This is how you climb down steps, right?

New Tricks:
High Fives
Meowing like a cat
Taking your clothes off yourself
Sitting down to put your shoes on
Taking/Giving things to someone in particular
Walking to the car by herself without heading off in the opposite direction
Talking on the phone

All those pinterest sayings about moms never having a clean house, wanting to pee alone, and needing a drink at 3pm are all making sense now.

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