Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friends and Famous People

The Saturday before we went to Kansas to visit my grandparents, we visited our friends in Wichita Falls.  The Duff's are good friends that we have tons in common with, so we always have a great time together.  Jeremy and Cody had a hunting show to go to that day, so Tracy and I got to hang out and play with the girls.

Duff and Harper snuggling.

We jumped in the car as soon as Harper woke up so that she could eat breakfast in the car and hopefully not get too bored.  She did great and didn't get fussy until about the last 10 minutes.

Harper wore her camo pj's in honor of the hunting expo.

When we first got there, Jeremy and Cody took Lydia and Harper for the Duff's Daddy Daughter Donut Day (they do this every Saturday).  So cute and such a sweet tradition.

Then Jeremy and Cody headed out to the hunting show.  The main reason they went was because some of the cast of Duck Dynasty was going to be there.  We absolutely love DD and think that the Robertson family is hilarious.  We have the entire 1st season on DVR and I'm guessing we have seen each episode at least 10 times.

Cody got a hat and had them sign it for him.  He got to meet Si, Jep, and Jessica.  He was a pretty happy guy for the rest of the day.

Harper and Lydia played at the house, which was fun because Lydia has so many great toys.  Babies, strollers, books, and a sweet train table.  We played for a while in Lydia's room and saw her new big girl bed and quilt that Tracy made.  While in there, Harper found Lydia's shoes and spent most of the rest of the day walking around in them.  We left at dinner time and started our long trip to Kansas to visit family.  

In all, it was a great day.  We love seeing our sweet friends.  Now to go back for hunting season...

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