Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time with the sisters

Carleigh and Taylor came over Monday to spend the day crafting with me.  It was their first time driving over by themselves (yay for Tay being 16!).  We did some stuff for Taylor's birthday party this weekend and pretty much just hung out.

 They spent the night and we all got up at the crack of dawn with Harper girl.  Cody had jury duty so he wasn't able to stay.  But we made breakfast and I finally coraled the girls to get dressed around 10.  

We went to the CCA Resale shop looking for some cheap finds and we hit the jackpot.  Carleigh (who is a coffee addict and has been for some time) got 50 coffee mugs to paint and decorate her walls with for $5.  Taylor got a painting to recreate and a sweater (men's size XL - that nut).  And I found this awesome old dollhouse that I know Harper will love to play with as she gets older.  We came home, put the baby down to nap, and got our craft on.  Taylor taped a saying on her painting and then painted over it so reveal the letters.  Carleigh painted ombre stripes, created a saying with stickers, and then painted over to reveal her saying too.  Thanks, Pinterest!

I spent some time looking for dolls for Harper's awesome new dollhouse.  Turns out, it's pretty popular!  Online, they are selling for about $50, and all the dolls are about $10 each.  So my awesome find was only $2 and vintage.  I found someone selling a few sets of the dolls and the furniture for $40, so I didn't stay on the cheap side.  But Harper already loves playing with all the dolls and looking through the house.  I can't wait till she's a little bigger.  Kristen and I used to play Barbies for hours and hours.  It's what little girls were made to do.

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