Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Paige Marie!

This sweet baby finally turned 1!  We have been talking about it for months and it finally hit.  She is so big and so cute and such a sweet baby that I am just in awe.  Love her so very much.

We got up and went to breakfast at the Gourmet Waffle.  It is a tiny place downtown that is run by the same ladies that did the catering for our wedding.  It was so so so good.  We all had waffles and coffee or juice and eggs and bacon.  It was yummy!  Especially since all four of us seriously love breakfast!  Afterwards, we ran errands and let Paige nap in the car.  Then we had Paige's 1 year well check.  She is perfect and healthy and absolutely beautiful.  She seems bigger than Harper at this age but they are pretty close!  She does not like Dr. Lipscomb but he tells me it's a phase and that it's completely fine.  Lol.  On the way home from errands, we realized that we hadn't made Paige a cake since we weren't celebrating her birthday until the next weekend.  So we stopped by Buffy's Cupcakes and grabbed some chocolate ones.  Serious mom guilt that I didn't make them like I did for Harper, but then I realized that Harper's 1st birthday cake was "healthy" and definitely not chocolate.  I'm guessing Paige was completely satisfied with her chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.  We had lunch and got to facetime with the Gatlin bros.  We love them and Caleb had just celebrated his birthday two weeks earlier.  They love Harper and Baby Paige and were so sweet singing her Happy Birthday.  After dinner, we sang to her again and let her (Harper) blow out her candle.  Both girls got a cupcake and both girls licked the frosting off the cupcake top, ate a few bites of actual cupcake, and were done.  It is the best part...  It was the best day celebrating Paige.  We love you so much sweet girl!  And you'll always be Baby Paige to us!

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