Saturday, March 12, 2016

February Photos

February is obviously all about Paige.  Looking at all the pictures, there are just a ton of funny ones and milestones and crazy girl in there.  She has grown so much as she turned 1.  She is our wild child and she makes us all laugh every single day.  It was a rough month.  Paige had 2 ear infections and was miserable for over 3 weeks.  I got bronchitis and Cody got a cold.  It was a rough few weeks.

We were busy with Paige's birthday and just normal life.  The weather went back and forth between winter cold and spring beauty.  So somedays we were able to spend hours outside, playing in the backyard after nap and going to the park in the mornings.  Both girls love to swing and slide and jump and run around with the dogs.  Harper has been loving Cody playing soccer and golf with her.  She really only runs around after the ball for a few minutes before she gets tired.  Then she asks for golf because she gets to stand there and hit.  Paige loves to look at the dogs, hold her hand out, and yell "DogDog" at them.  But if they get within a few inches or actually try to lick her, she screams like a banchee.

She has also started being a total turd baby.  (Yes, it's not nice to say that, but it's what we call our kids when they may life crazy.  Sorry.)  She screams if someone takes something from her, even if it's to help or for safety.  She screams if someone is in her way or she wants them to move.  She screams if she wants to be held and I put her down because I am making dinner, or getting dressed, or need a moment, or want to pee alone.

Harper is doing great in preschool.  She is reading and adding and can skip count and knows 10 bible verses.  She is such a smart kid and she likes learning things.  She can't sit still for more than 3 minutes but most preschoolers can't.  Sometimes I worry about her not starting this year, that she'll be bored in kinder.  But I know that she will only be little for such a small time that I am going to enjoy her crazy, preschool self for as long as I can.  She still loves to be free, running wild and dancing around the house.  Talking to her dolls, pretending to be Elsa, or singing and making up moves.  She has a fabulous imagination and she can play for hours by herself.

Paige is getting big.  She still eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every time she can.  She is learning to drink from all sorts of cups and loves Harper's straw cups.  She now loves her blankey more than her paci.  It makes her happy when she is sad and she likes to carry it around with her.  She loves to read books.  She gets one off the shelf, walks away, sits down, and starts screeching like she is "reading".  Then she repeats until she has piled books on her floor.  She loves for me to read also, but only about 3 words per book.  She doesn't watch more than 5 minutes of tv at a time.  She has been waking up around 5:30 in the morning and it's been brutal.  She got another tooth, but then it disappeared.  But I know she is in pain, so I'm sure it's coming again soon.  She doesn't teeth well.  Her mullet is getting rough but she looks adorable in her tiny pigtails.  And all this girl really wants is to be big like sister and her friends.  She climbs on everything and is scared of nothing.


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