Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My 32nd Birthday...

My 32nd birthday.  At this point, it's just another day and it's nice to just spend it with family.  On my actual birthday, we didn't have much planned.  Harper and I went to the gym and then went shopping.  I just wanted to get out of the house and walk around.  Somewhere I wouldn't have to clean or work.  We ended up at IHOP for lunch because I got a free lunch on my birthday.  She loved it and asks about the pancake place now.  I had already planned to make something, so I made dinner and Cody brought home Buffy's cupcakes.  We relaxed and had a nice evening.     

The next night, Buddy and Serena took us to dinner.  We ate at Jalepeno Tree and then had dessert at their house.  It was nice to relax again and just let someone else do everything - one of the best parts of birthdays.

Then, Saturday, we went to my dad's and celebrated with the family.  The McCools came over and Taylor and Carleigh were both there for a little while after work.  Kristi made a good dinner and individual chocolate melting cakes that were so good.  The kids were all good and had a blast doing the craft Pop created for them. They got to paint birdhouses for an hour and they loved it.  Grayson is meticulous, Reese is a little spastic, and Harper is a little all over the place.  They did great though.  After dinner, they all played football with Pop and had such a good time hiking it, throwing it, catching it, and doing touchdown dances.  We stayed a little later so Harper could have a bath and we could watch the A&M game until halftime.  It was a great evening.  

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