Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Harper loves to jump.  On the floor, the couch, the bed, up and down stairs, over things on the floors, and off counters.  She is always hopping and leaping over things.  So, she got a large, outdoor trampoline for Christmas from the Hempkins'.  It's 14 feet with a net enclosure so it's big enough to jump like crazy and safe enough not to let her fall and break her leg.  And of course, she LOVES it.  It's her new favorite thing to do.  She wants to jump and of course she wants you to jump with her.  She likes to show you how to jump.  She likes to chase you around the edges.  She likes to fall and bounce around.  It makes her so happy and we love that it gives her something fun to do outside.  

These two and their toys!  They have so much fun playing outside and running wild.  She jumps around and he rides around the pasture.  They are so cute and happy together!

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