Thursday, January 16, 2014

NYE 2013

New Year's Eve is a weird holiday.  Everyone always seems to have such high expectations and it doesn't always turn out that way.  Plus, what are we really celebrating?  The calendar's birthday?  So Cody and I decided to just take it easy this year.  Harper and I were still sick with some kind of virus.  Plus, the Texas A&M bowl game was on.  So yeah, we were staying home and having a great night.  We went to dinner at The Jalepeno Tree, one of our favorite restaurants.  Harper had a great time jumping around the booth and talking with the waitress.  She loved the tortillas (I think she had 4 or 5 of them) and the cheese and the chips.  Heck, we all love Mexican food.  She also got to open a gift from her friends Breken and Bane and she loved her new bunny slippers.  We played and Harper went to bed early.  Cody and I watched the A&M game all the way through, it was SO good!  And thankfully we won in the end.  Johnny's last game with the Ags, so it was a big one.  Happy New Year everyone.  Hope 2014 is a good one!

On New Year's Day, we hung out together all day like we always have.  Cody played with his new tools and we jumped on the trampoline for hours.  It was a beautiful day.  We had dinner at the Hempkins' and ate our black eyed peas.  Harper is seriously into taking pictures so we let her snap quite a few of these.  Anything that is aimed around 3 feet above the ground is her.  

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