Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Christmas

Most Christmases, Cody and I know most of what we are each getting, from parents and each other.  This year, we did really good and didn't tell each other any of the gifts and it was a complete surprise!  We also did a good job of waiting until almost Christmas to open all the gifts.  We usually open a few a week or so early.  It's so funny to watch him stare at those presents each night, begging to open them!  This year, we had way too much family stuff going on to open our presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day anyways, so we opened our presents to each other on Monday (Christmas Eve Eve).  

We had agreed not to spend much on each other since we just bought the 4wheeler and spent all our money on the house remodel.  Then, Cody tried to cop out to just letting me buy a new iphone, which he had also copped to for my birthday just a month earlier.  I might have been a bit unhappy with that idea, so he did go get me a few gifts.  But he even said, most of these are just things you would have bought yourself for the house/kitchen but haven't yet.  Awesome!  Don't worry, I might have done the same thing for him...

We let Harper help open most of the presents because she is in love with presents and had seen us wrapping them for a month.  She liked to look at them and pick them up and help me "wrap."

Cody got a trash grabber that he can use while he rides along the land so he can get the trash along the highway easier.  He loves it and Harper thought it was the coolest looking toy.  She also loved the box it came in.  It was just the right size for her to crawl into but not be able to get back out.  

Cody got me some new frying pans, slippers, and a laundry room shelf.  Sounds boring but it was nice because he knows how much I wanted those things.  We found out pretty quickly that the shelf box was super slippery and made a great slide. 

Cody's last special present in his stocking was an oreo cookie dipping spoon.  This man loves oreo cookies.  This man especially loves eating oreo cookies dipped in milk until they are practically mush.  This spoon grabs the cookie and lets you dip it without losing it in the milk.  Sounds dumb but it's pretty stinking cool, especially to oreo lovers.  

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