Thursday, September 12, 2013

The McCool's came to visit!

Since we've moved up here, I've been worried that I would miss out on seeing my sister and watching Grayson and Reese grow up.  But we have gotten to see them a few times for family things and they had a Saturday free (which is rare for them) so they decided to come visit and see the house.  

Harper absolutely loves Grayson and Reese.  She likes to follow Grayson around and copy him.  And she is always trying to love on Reese and give her bottles, pacis, hugs, etc.  She loves playing with them and is always talking about going to their house (especially to swim).  Plus, she loves my sister because Kristen totally lets her get away with anything.  She can not say no to that face!

Harper has overcome her independent stage when it comes to holding hands, getting held, and having things done for her.  She is suddenly always wanting to be carried.  And when that sweet voice asks Kristen "Ish you?" which means "Hold me," she does.  Fine with me - I get sweet Reese for awhile.  

Grayson loved the 4-wheeler so we took it outside where there was more room.  He seemed to like the house.  Playing the piano was fun, new toys, dogs outside, etc.  I hoped he would have fun so that he would want to come back and play with us some more. 

We borrowed the Hempkins' 4-wheeler so we could take G for a ride.  He rode his around for awhile with Cody until he decided that the big one looked like fun.  Then we took a ride.  He was a little nervous, so he kept telling me to go slow, slow.  He did ok, he liked it for a few minutes but was done pretty quick.  It's pretty big and fast, so I'm sure it'll take awhile to grow on him.  

He kept wanting to drive, which made me nervous!

It was a blast to spend the day with them. I've missed them so much and I feel like Grayson and Reese just change so much so fast!  I'm thankful that Kristen and I still get to talk after work and catch up on our days.  I miss them but I'm so grateful to spend time with them!

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