Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homeschool Preschool

We started preschool at home this fall.  Since I stay home, I wanted to be sure I was keeping her caught up with other kids her age.  She is smart (of course, I think so), but I wanted to make sure I was teaching her all the skills necessary for 2 year olds.  

Working the alphabet puzzle

We are using a free online curriculum called Jesus Loves Me ABC 123.  The basic colors, numbers, letters, etc were obvious.  But the fine and gross motor skills are things I wouldn't have thought of.  In general, this curriculum is just a great reminder of things that I can do throughout the week to keep her learning.  

I sent this picture to my friend Jessica who was my other half at school.  
She seemed proud that I was doing lesson plans!

Our white board.  My sister Taylor wrote the categories in permanent marker so I don't have to rewrite them each week.  Then, we just add the weeks lessons and have a great visual of what to do every day. 

We don't do a ton of sit down schoolwork.  It's mostly conversations in the car, reading specific books from the library, picking out letters at the store, etc.  We do 1 color, number, letter, and shape each week, plus 1 fine and 1 gross motor skill.  And, it does 1 bible story and memory verse a week.  We have spent 3 weeks on Creation and learning Genesis 1:1.  It's been fabulous because it has really opened up the conversation of who God is.  Each night when we read her books before bed, we pray and say "Dear God, Thank you for..."  So now she calls Him "Dear God" and tells us that God lives "high in the sky" and He "loves us".  And now every time we finish a book, any book, she says "AAAA-men."

Loves drawing on the dry erase side.  However, after 3 uncapped markers went dead, 
it's not as much fun.  

Painting a wooden birdhouse

She really likes the idea of "school" because it usually means she gets to do fun activities.  She loves painting the most.  She also likes coloring a lot, and is really figuring out that the page is supposed to be a picture to be colored specifically (it's funny to see her try to color in the lines!).  She also loves reading (always has) so she loves the huge assortment of books we get at the library.  They usually coincide with the color or shape or alphabet for the week.  She has found a lot of new favorite books lately.  

Painting coloring pages

Her new favorite series, Llama Llama.  She calls the mom, "Mommy Llamy"
and loves to exclaim, "She came back!"  

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