Monday, September 2, 2013

Our NEW House

Our House!  It's not really done.  It's STILL a work in progress.  School started for Cody a few weeks ago, so the progress has slowed wayyy down.  So I figured we might as well just take pictures so people can see, because it won't get much better any time soon.  We still have a few major projects to do - repaint the exterior, a sliding barn door for the hallway, a new mantel, and completely redoing the outside patio and landscaping.  Small project wise we have a ton of organizing, knobs, curtains, rugs, decor, etc.  When I asked Cody when he thought we would be done, he actually said 5 years.  I kinda agree.  So we'll just enjoy the house for awhile.  Maybe rest a little because I am seriously exhausted.  


Dining Room 

This was my great-grandparents old record speaker.  My dad had it the whole time I was growing up.  He recently moved and we got it.  Also, the stool is from my brother, Eric, because it is the same stool we had growing up at my grandma's house.  We loved that stool!  It was bright yellow and we used to use it to help my grandma around the kitchen all the time.

I love our big, huge, island.  It's perfect to set stuff on and prep all our meals.  Plus, I can do dishes and cook and watch Cody and Harper in the living room.  The cabinets are fabulous, hold a ton of stuff.  And the backsplash is a blue painted beadboard, which I love.

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
The halltree was also from my dad.  This door goes to the backyard and is usually the door people use.  But we have crazy dogs now, so we have started having to go out the front.

Living Room

Harper's / Guest Bathroom

Harper's Room
Harper loves her new big girl room.  She sleeps really good in her bed and hasn't ever gotten out (fabulous!).  And she loves to look out the window at the cars passing on the highway. 

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom Shower 

Game Room / Play Room
This room is huge and we have actually kind of made it into 2 rooms.  Our old living room furniture so Cody can lounge back here and hide if he needs to.  

This is Harper's playroom.  It is a little overcrowded with toys, but she actually plays with all of them.  She loves her playroom.  She plays in here all day and loves having her toys back.

It took 7 1/2 months from the beginning of thinking about it: 2 months to clean it out, 2 months to demo and frame, and a month of small projects.  But it's DONE!  So, so, so HAPPY!

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