Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Reesey!

Sweet Reese turned 1 this August.  She is such a sweet baby and it was a great day celebrating her first year.  She is one of the best babies, usually smiling and happy, eats like crazy, loves her mom and dad and Grayson is her best buddy.  She had a sunshine and lemonade swim party and she had a fabulous time!

We went over around lunchtime so that Harper could nap at Kristen's house and we could be on time for the party.  Plus, we were able to help her get last minute things together.  Even though Kristen had worked for weeks on this party it always ends up being crazy at the end.  So we also got to give Reese her birthday present a little early.  Reese loved her first baby doll and stroller.  Harper was a little confused why the baby she bought was being given away, but she figured it out.  She has been singing "Happy Birthday to Reesey" for 3 weeks now, so she remembers that it was all for Reese. 

Since we got to spend a full week with Reese in June but don't see her as much now that we have moved, I miss her like crazy.  And she is suddenly getting bigger and learning so many things!  So I was super glad to get to spend some time with her and love on her a little extra.  

Kristen threw a great party.  She decorated in Sunshine and Lemonade with yellow and pinks.  She made banners and a lemonade stand and had tons of cute decorations.  

Reese is such a good baby, she is happy doing anything with anybody.  She loves other kids but also loves getting attention from people in general. 

We busted out the suits and Harper had a blast swimming.  She absolutely loves swimming and was super excited that Taylor and Pop were going to swim with her too.  

Having cake, singing happy birthday, and blowing out candles.  Twice.  A few tears.  Lots of clapping.  Cupcakes for all the kiddos.  Happiness.  

This party was a good celebration of Reese's 1st birthday and also their survival of the first year with two kids.  We had a great time getting to see their friends and hang with family.  

Reese had a fabulous day.  She is such a sweetie!  Can't wait to see her grow up!

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