Sunday, May 12, 2013

the month of april

April was busy.  I didn't take very many good pictures, just a few random shots off my phone.  Mostly we were packing, moving, driving back and forth to Denison, and playing outside.  But Harper loved it and the month seemed to fly by.  

Being outside is her favorite.  She is always asking to go "side".  She loves to slide, climb rocks and steps, and play with dogs.  Chalk is a huge hit and she is just now big enough to be able to ride her tricycle by herself.  

Coloring outside with crayons

Loves, trucks, mowers, tractors.

Sweet girl all dressed for church, playing on a trailer.

This is the girl who always plays with things in ways they aren't meant to be used and loves it.

On yet another run to Lowe's, we found a house to play with.
She kept knocking on the window and door and was mad that no one answered.  

We've been visiting friends, going to play at church, and going to parks.  She seems to play with boys better - like they seem more fun because they are always doing crazy things.  But she is still such a girl, always playing dress-up or house or reading books quietly.  She still eats good, nothing new there.  Other than I'm starting to rely a little too much on the squeezy pouches.  But since we've been in Argyle, she has learned to like a few new foods - dried fruit and greek food.  

Our boy toys, Breken and Bane, all wearing Harper's old, pink shoes!

Playing with our neighbors, Kipton and Taylor.

Playdate with Alyssa and Victoria

Her independence is turning into a bit of rebellion every now and then.  She doesn't like to be told no, or not get her way.  However, most of the time, we can stop the temper tantrum from getting too big.  She did put her hand up in Cody's face the other day and say "No" rather angrily.  Say what, little girl? We have not had a repeat of that since, thankfully.  

Just found a paci.

Just got paci taken away.

Naps lately have been anywhere from an hour to 3 hours.  Crazy kiddo.
This day, she fell back asleep for an hour on our bed and it was good cuddle time.

Poor child had horrible allergies all month!  Her eyes were always puffy and red, she sneezed every 5 minutes with tons of snot, and she was always itching her eyes and nose.  

Now that we are always on the go, I pack lunches so she can eat on the way home and won't fall asleep.  This day, I packed peanut butter, which was such a bad idea.  I kept having to scoop it up, wipe it off, and refill her spoon.  While driving.  Not my best moment.

Being at my parents has been fun.  Harper is a little obsessed with them now, though.  Everything is "Mimi, Pop, TayTay, CarCar!" in one long string of words.  

Taylor showing Harper a big toad.  She really wanted to touch it but was terrified!

Swinging with her auntie.  Such good help!

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