Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temporary Housing

Since we sold our house before we even started the remodel on our new house, we decided to go live with my parents.  They live in Argyle, which is only 15 minutes away from Cody's school and it's only a few minutes farther to all of our play dates and friends.  

So right now, there are 6 adults, 1 baby, and 3 dogs living in a 3 bedroom rental house.  (It's a rental and we move next week to their new house.  That's right, I'm packing and moving again.  Shoot me.)  It's a little chaotic.  During the day, it's nice and quiet and we pretty much do the same things we used to.  I have less work to do now though, way less cooking and cleaning, so we play outside alot.  The house has stairs, so we sometimes walk up and down them until momma can't do it anymore.  Kristi is home during the day, so we talk and hang out and I have an adult friend, which is nice.  Taylor and Carleigh get home at 4 and we play outside, write with chalk all over them, have dance parties, and such.  While they do homework, Harper sits at the table with them and colors or draws on their notebooks.  She loves being with the big girls.  She wakes up every morning and opens the door so she can say hi to them.  Cody and my dad don't get home until later but when they do they hang out and play with Harper after her bath or play with the dogs.  It's a full house, but suddenly there are a lot more people to do everything.  It's kinda awesome!

Coloring with Tay while she does homework and sings.  

Harper forced Car to go nite-nite on the stairs.  
Of course, Car has not figured out how to say no yet.  

Harper coming back in the room after she said good morning to Car and Tay.

We were worried about Maggie at first.  She's a pretty dominant dog so we worried they would fight or she would bark all day and night.  But the dogs get along SO well.  They have a morning and evening walk with Kristi and Harper.  They play around the yard while Harper does.  And they have a huge pallet that my dad made up for them in the garage so they can sleep in there.  They actually love it and it's nice that she is being good and we don't have to give her away!

Harper messing with Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is old and lets her do whatever she wants.  
Pumpkin did grow up with my sisters who dressed her up, painted her nails, and make her take lots of pictures all the time, so it figures.  

Piper is Harper's new favorite.  She is always talking about PiePie.
All Piper wants to do is run, eat sticks, and jump around.  She's a very, funny puppy.

Because it's only a 3 bedroom house, we've all doubled up.  Carleigh moved into Taylor's room and all three of us moved into her room.  We brought our mattress from home because it's awesome and we had to.  Oddly enough, there is a little part of the bedroom that juts out and is the perfect size for Harper's crib.  So she sleeps in a little alcove with curtains hung up around her like a partition.  It's great because she can't see us in the morning so she lays there and plays quietly for awhile while we sleep just a bit longer.  At night, if we want to relax, we can go up to the loft (in between the bedrooms) and hang out, watch tv, or play on computers.  So all in all, it's similar enough to home that we are making it alright.  

Our Bed

Harper's Bed

Poking her head out in the morning

Differences?  There is always music, being sung or blared by two teenage girls.  Homework time, breakfast time, or in the shower.  Kristi cooks most of our meals.  Score.  Harper has lots of people to play with and take care of her now.  Which is good except she kind of expects someone to cater to her 24/7 now.  Also now, she has lots of other people to cry with when Momma says no.  Sometimes, I have to tell Kristi and the girls No if Harper just got in trouble but wants them to coddle her.  We live out in the woods and I'm annoyed by all the bugs, spider webs, and pollen.  Oh wait - that's what we are moving to, so nevermind.  Guess I'll get used to it.  Other than that, life is pretty good.  Cody might have a different opinion, but it's definitely better than I thought it would be.  

Harper's new timeout spot.  After time out, she went back and sat there 
for another couple of minutes.  Guess that didn't work.  

I'll have to do another post after next week when we settle into our new temporary housing!  Thankfully this one will have a guest room and another room so no one will have to share.  Plus, it's beautiful so I'm excited!

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