Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is very fun in our house.  There isn't a ton of money spent but we love having a special day to love on each other around here.

In Hempkins' Valentine tradition, we had donuts for breakfast with Cody before school.  Harper LOVES donuts.  She scarfed down 4 donut holes and then ate a good chunk of each of ours.  I love her enough to even share my chocolate sprinkle with her.

We had a playdate with our friends, the Rode's.  Harper likes Breken and Bane.  Breken is always teaching her new things because he's a little older and Bane always likes to play the same as her because he's just a little younger.  I'm not sure who she'll pick when she gets older or even at what age she'll be allowed to date, but they got to be her pretend valentine's this year.

For dinner we had a nice dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  Cody is such a good cook and a fabulous griller, that everytime we eat steak at a restaurant, we wish we had stayed home and eaten his.  So we did that tonight and enjoyed every bite.  I was going to make dessert but we were both so full that we couldn't even eat it.

Cody knows me well and got me chocolate and girl scout cookies.  He also found the first wine we drank together as newlyweds that is our absolute favorite but not easy to find.  And of course Harper and I got flowers.  She isn't sure what they are but she likes to tell you there are "two" vases of them.  I did good on Cody's gift - a triple threat Duck Commander duck call.  He wanted to get one before DD got so famous that those boys aren't able to make all the duck calls themselves.  I didn't do good on Harper's gift, because I didn't get her one.  I know, mom fail.  I just never figured out what to get so I never did.  Thankfully she doesn't know and I am in the clear this year.  

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