Sunday, February 17, 2013

January Comings and Goings

January has been a fun month.  We took some time to rest from Christmas and New Years.  Cody started a new semester with new students, and Harper and I have been doing lots of fun things.  Baking goodies, playing with new toys, enjoying the outdoors when it's nice, and spending lots of time with friends and family.  

Getting so big!  18 month clothes are finally starting to fit (at 20 months)

Harper is becoming such a little person.  She is saying a few new words.  She says most family members names, but calls Reese "Eese" and Krissy "Sissy".  She says Banana "Nana" and her Bathrobe "Ro".  She even repeated "Love you Mama" the other day - bless her sweet little heart!

Playing at Mimi and Pops 
I need to learn to bring a 2nd set of clothes because 
she always plays and gets them dirty.

This Sunday morning I found Harper wearing Cody's shirt.  She had 
peed through her diaper and pajamas, so sweet husband of 
mine gave her his shirt and covered himself with a blanket (it was cold).

Cody and I are in a superb rhythm.  I think we finally have this parenting thing down.  He sleeps in on Saturday and I sleep in on Sunday.  We seem to do a really good job at night and on weekends of splitting Harper duties.  Harper has grown up a lot in just the last month.  She seems to be able to do more of what we ask and understand more of what we are wanting.  She can go get a diaper, pick up toys, get the remote, open the back door, and feed Maggie.  She doesn't however like when we say no.  She has definitely hit the 2's early!  She has a fantastic stink eye and she can throw a fit when she wants to.  And she loves to say NO.  

Harper and Maggie playing castle

Cody's new ipad mini he got for Christmas.  It's all his!

Harper hasn't been too sick this winter.  She had an ear infection and a virus.  She ran a 104 temp which was super scary but was completely better after a big dose of tylenol.  And the next week she got the flu which was horrible, but didn't last too long.  She threw up for about 6 hours solid, slept for a few hours, and then we watched MMC, Einsteins, and Sofia for two days straight.  Thankfully she was better quickly and we spent the next two days out of the house.

Harper at the Dr. with a 104 temp.  She barely moved she felt so bad!

We have enjoyed some winter weather this January but it has also had some fabulous days of warm afternoon weather.  We have played outside in the play house, taken walks with Maggie to the park, and visited with friends at the playground.  Being outside is Harper's favorite thing and she could do it for hours (she seriously cries every time we make her come in).  

Eating an oatmeal raisin cookie from our friends, the Hunt's, 
hanging outside on a nice afternoon.

We went to Cody's school to drop off some food and Cody ended up being busy in class.  I had been telling her all morning we were going to see Daddy.  She was so sad that we didn't go up to see him that she stood at the door and cried.  

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