Sunday, February 5, 2012

To grandmother's house we go...

Since I stay home and have tons of vacation days, I decided to visit my family in Kansas.  I found awesome flights back in November and went during the 2nd week of January.  My grandparents are amazing people but they are getting older and I just felt the need for a visit.  I somehow didn't start feeling nervous until the week before but eventually anxiety set in.  All by myself for 2 flights and 3 days?  Yikes.

We flew at 7am so it turned out to be a good time.  She's usually pretty happy in the mornings and we got to use up some flight time with a bottle.  She did great.  Not a single tear or fuss.  She was feeling particularly talkative that morning which I felt bad about because a few people around us were sleeping.

First Flight

My Aunt Pat picked us up with Grandma and Grandpa in tow.  They weren't about to miss even 1 minute of seeing me and Harper.  They were SOOOO excited to see us.  

Grandma feeding Harper

Grandpa playing with Harper before bedtime

  We pretty much did a whole lot of nothing for 3 days, and it was wonderful.  We played in the mornings, slept in the afternoons, and hung out in the evenings.  Thankfully my Aunt Barb brought over some toys for Harper to play with.  Bringing things on a plane is a lot more work than I would have imagined.

She spent most of the time rolling across their living room.  Her new trick 
is rolling multiple times in a row.

Calling daddy.  On day 3 we learned how to skype off our cell phones but it was still hard to hold a baby, talk, and not let her eat the cell phone.  

We spent all our time with my grandparents, Aunt Pat and Uncle Don, and Aunt Barb and Uncle Jim.  It was a nice vacation for me to not have any household chores or errands to have to do.  And it was fun to see Harper with her Kansas family.  It even snowed on our last day in town.  

Everyone helped feed Harper - no one wanted to miss a thing!

Harper and Uncle Don

 Growing up I've always known how much my grandparents loved me.  But the amount of love they have for Harper amazed me.  They watched her nonstop, played with her, laughed at every little thing she did, and never wanted her to leave.  The first day my grandma cautiously asked if she could hold her.  By the third day, she just kept stealing Harper from whoever had her.  So funny!  And in case you didn't know, my grandparents are 88 years old!   

Saying goodbye

Harper grabbed her face and "kissed" grandma goodbye.  She held on for awhile too!

We had a great time playing and visiting family.  She did awesome on the flight home as well and all the people around us loved her.  But we desperately missed Cody and were so thankful to see him when we got home.   Good first trip!


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