Saturday, February 25, 2012

Epic Mom Fail

We figured out around 8 weeks old that Harper has a dairy and a soy allergy.  We went through 5 different formulas and finally found one that worked.  It was a rough start to life for Harper, but she is SO much better now that we have figured it out.  We are always watching for allergies because Cody has quite a few, but we are so glad that she seems to be doing better.  

She loves eating solid food.  There isn't anything she doesn't like and she eats every single drop of food we give her.  I am super excited about her being able to eat regular food some day because it will be much easier and fun to watch her feed herself.  So I got super excited the other day because I realized that she was at the right stage to start eating baby snack foods.  

So I went to the store and bought a few things, including the always awesome, Yogurt Melts.  I was so excited to get to watch her take her first bite of hand held food.  We got out the camera and the video camera to mark the occasion.  I even got Cody to try one just to see how cool they were.  I gave her a Yogurt Melt after dinner and we laughed so hard watching her determined little face trying to pick it up.  She eventually got it but had it grasped firmly in the middle of her fist.  Eventually, she just stuck her fist in her mouth and was able to suck it out that way.  What a problem solver!  Such a great first foods memory.  

We went about our evening and put her down for bed at 8pm.  All of a sudden, at 9:30, she woke up screaming.  And when I say screaming, I mean gut wrenching, inconsolable, a scorpion is biting my butt scream.  At one point, I actually checked her diaper to make sure something wasn't biting her!  Cody and I took turns holding her, rocking her, and trying anything to get her to stop crying.  It took at least 15 minutes to calm her down.  We were completely confused.  Suddenly, it dawned on my super smart husband.  We gave our sweet little girl, who is allergic to dairy, YOGURT melts.  And something my brain didn't process, is that yogurt melts contain yogurt, which is dairy.  


I seriously don't know how I missed that fact.  It seems so obvious now.  I know, I know.  But either way, we had our trusty Colic Calm, which has definitely been a life saver for sweet Harper, and eventually got her back to sleep.  Poor Buddy.  We ended up giving the yogurt melts to a friend and taking back all the other yogurt packs I had bought for her.  And now we know, she is allergic to dairy, all dairy, including yogurt.  

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