Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Months and Sick as a Dog

7 months and growing like a weed!  Harper now weighs 17 lbs and is super tall.  We are finally in 6 month clothes and doing tons of big girl things!  

She is in somewhat of a clingy phase right now, which is sometimes cute and sometimes not.  But she absolutely loves mom, dad, and dog.  Funny enough, Maggie beats Cody and I out for favorite most days.  She HAS to be able to see Maggie wherever she is.

A few things she loves...
She loves to be thrown into the air.  
She loves getting tickled.  Usually on the side or the back.  She does not like be tickled on her feet.
She loves scratching things.  I'm not sure if it's the sound or the feel.  But we always hear her scratching her car seat, the wall, or her crib bumper.  
She loves being outside and walking in her stroller.  This is always our go to activity when she's grumpy.
She gets mad because we won't give her the remote control.
She's still a rebel.  When you think she'll zig, she zags.  Just because she can.  Crazy baby.

She likes to sit on the changing table and play but she HATES getting her diaper changed.

If you look close you'll see that she's laughing at her favorite playmate, Mags.

She has TONS of funny faces and noises that she makes now.  We have to be careful what we mimic because if she knows we like it she will constantly repeat it.

We have been sick, sick, sick.  We started on December 23rd with a cold, that moved on to double ear infections and RSV.  Then in January we got the stomach flu.  And by we, I mean Harper then gave it to me.   Two days later, she got a cold.  Two days after that, Cody and I got it too.  A few days later, it turned into another ear infection for Harper and a sinus infection for me.  Good gravy!  Can we please just get better?

This was after a day of not being able to sleep because she couldn't breath and her stomach hurt.  It was attached to a text to Cody that said "Get home fast!"

She is eating solid foods and definitely has opinions about that.  She loves apples and sweet potatoes and doesn't really care for green beans.  And of course she has inherited Cody's ability to be allergic to random fruits and veggies.  So far we are steering clear of pears and bananas.  She is also learning to use her sippy cup.  Right now it's more of a toy but every now and then she'll get some juice and it surprises her.  

She still loves her exersaucer, jumper, and stroller.  And now she loves her new walker, too.  She hasn't totally learned how her feet work but every now and then she can scoot her self around a bit.  She is finally somewhat interested in crawling.  She can rock on her hands and knees and army crawl forward if there is something to push off of with her feet.  Plus she's very creative in getting somewhere if she really wants to.  She can roll and twist a few times in a row and eventually end up where she wants.   

Cody made her a "bath cage" so she can sit up in the big bath tub.  She just wasn't able to sit in water without falling over quite yet.  This just helps her keep in an upright position.  He's very clever and crafty, that man.

This bottle only had a few ounces of juice in it and she was able 
to hold the entire thing all by herself.  

This has definitely been a grumpy month.  We are hoping for an early end to winter and all the sicknesses.  Few people want to wake up to this crazy face every morning!  Ha!

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