Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to call the doctor...

Over the Christmas break, Harper got sick.  She got sick on Tuesday, 12/20 and we finally went to the doctor on Thursday, 12/29.  It seemed like just a cold but then she never fully recovered.  Plus, after Christmas, she started wheezing so that seemed like a bad thing.  However, I know that I am a little bit of a paranoid mom.  Harper and I have seen the doctor at least 3 times more than normal people.  So I waited.  And I waited.  And when 10 days hit, I went ahead and went in.  

The doctor came in and started off checking Harper's ears.  I said "I don't think it's an ear infection.  She hasn't been fussy or pulled on her ears at all."  She simply replied, "Yes, double ear infection."  Well, so there you go.  

Yes.  She's playing with an electrical cord.  It made her happy when she was feeling so sick.  And yes, I do most anything to please her when I know she feels crappy.  Poor buddy.

The doctor agreed that the Harper's wheezing wasn't good.  So we did a breathing treatment and got to continue that for a week.  What a fun way to offer medicine!  Not.  She didn't like it, but eventually would just sit still because she knew she couldn't get up.

 But we are home, well, and back to normal.  The nurses love her, which makes my paranoia easier.  They even called her a "happy wheezer." 

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