Monday, October 24, 2011


Lately, we have had tons of playdates!  They are so fun.  It's cute to see how big all our friends' kids are getting.  Plus, it's cool to see what's in store for Harper!

One of her first playdates was with some of my girlfriends from high school.  I have known these girls for most of my life.  We all cheered together in school, and Ana and I were roommates at A&M our freshman year.   Kelli has a little boy named Ryder who is SO cute.  He is this adorable, blonde headed little boy with spunk.  I think he'll be trouble one day!

Kelli and Harper (not sure where Ryder was)

Ana is pregnant with a little girl they are going to name Ellie.  She is going to be a very lucky little girl!  This was definitely a good time for Ana to practice holding a little baby.  At one point, Harper squirmed a bit and ended up a little upside down.  Ana just looked at us and said "Is this ok?"  Kelli and I had a good laugh at that one!  But no worries, she's gonna be a GREAT mom!

Ana (and Ellie) and Harper

 We also got to visit with my other roommates from A&M.  Staci, Kara, Stephanie, and I lived together for my junior and senior year.  I am lucky because they all grew up in different areas of Texas but all moved to Dallas to be closer to me!  Their husbands and jobs might have had something to do with it too...  So Stephanie and Jeff had a little boy a few weeks ago and we went to meet him.  His name is Grant Dean Harrison and he is so so so adorable.  He already looks so serious and smart.  He's going to be just like his dad!  Stephanie is doing great and I am so proud of her!  It was so fun holding a newborn again.  I already forgot how small they are!  Crazy how big Harper is already and it's only been 4 months!

Kara and Harper, Stephanie, Me and Grant, Staci

Me and Grant

Kara and Harper

We also had playdates with other friends.  We went to Quinlan Hunt's 2nd birthday party and got to play with Avinley.  Something I learned - open the boring presents first.  If they open a fun one first, they don't care about anything else!

We play with my friend Jill and her little girl Alyssa once a week.  Alyssa is very good about sharing and loves to find all of Harper's stuff and bring it to me.  While we are there, the girls nap and the moms get to craft.  It's a nice outlet!  

This past weekend we got to hang with cousin Grayson.  He absolutely loves Harper and likes to give her kisses (head butts).  He has learned tons of new words which include "AJ" and "Baby".  Such a big boy!  He likes to poke her and smile up at his mom like he just loves her.  I am so excited that they get to grow up together!  I love that Harper has so many friends close to her age.  It's going to make growing up so much fun!!!

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