Monday, November 7, 2011

Harper is 4 months!

Harper is 4 months old now and she is SO cute!  She is one of the smiliest babies around.  And it makes you feel so special.  Plus, her smile takes up her whole face and makes her eyes get all scrunched together.  She is such a joy to have!

She's got the Klusman eyes

She is getting even stronger as each day passes.  We have been seeing a physical therapist to work on her neck muscles and it is already helping.  She can hold her head up now and look all around her.  And we are getting close to sitting up and standing.  What a big girl!

Getting better at tummy time and lifting her head

In her highchair with her favorite crinkly book

Here are two more things she loves... Her daddy and the Rangers.  She had a lot of fun getting to stay up late (not really) watching the Rangers in the World Series.  

She is very funny in the bath now.  She likes to sit and laugh, at what I'm not sure.  And she tries so hard to get all her toys in her mouth, most of which don't fit.  But the one thing she looks forward to every night is trying to drink the bath water.  She wants that water so bad!  She loves to suck the washcloth and tries very hard to lean over and lap up the water.  Such a funny thing to watch!

She used to fit on this!  My little baby is growing up so fast!

We have definitely had a rough time trying to figure out what was bothering Harper.  We have settled on a dairy and soy allergy.  So we have been through 5 formulas and are still searching.  But she is a trooper and she is much better than she was as a newborn.  We are venturing out on errands like the grocery store, Target, and dinner.  She is sleeping about 10 hours at night and takes a 4 hour nap from about 12 till 4.  It's awesome!   

First dinner out at El Chico's

Harper goes to her Mimi and Pop's house once a week while Cody teaches my sister Taylor the guitar.  She has a ton of fun and they love getting to see her all the time.  The only bad part is the 30 minute drive home when it's usually bed time!

Harper and Mimi

Harper and Aunt Tay Tay

For about 6 weeks now, we've been so sure that she was teething.  She's drooling like crazy.  I mean, like a straight up waterfall.  And she was a little fussier and running a low grade fever.  You can actually see the two bottom teeth, right below the gums.  So everyday we were so ready for those teeth to pop through.  But here we are and still no teeth.  Hopefully soon they will come through!

 Trying to see her teeth

Playing with Daddy

Daddy is so funny!

We are so absolutely thankful for our little girl.  She brings absolute joy into our lives.  We are having a blast watching her learn new things and get bigger everyday.  It's sad how fast it's all going!  But we are grateful that she is healthy and happy and that's what matters.  

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