Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harper's Summer Activities

Harper is 6 weeks old and getting to be such a big girl!  She was 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 in at her 4 week check up.  So we are guessing she is over 10 lbs by now!  She is definitely not on a diet.  She is getting so big that she is already out of her newborn clothes and she didn't even get to wear most of them.  

She has recently started doing a few new tricks, and they are so cute!!!  She smiles, really big.  She can laugh and coo.  She can follow objects and people with her eyes and focus really well.  And she recently found her thumb when she finally unclenched her fist - who woulda thought?  Some days she sleeps all day, some days she's up all day.  But unless she isn't feeling well, she is a very happy baby.  Sadly, sometimes we can physically hear all the air bubbles in her stomach and we know she doesn't feel good.  It's so sad!  But we can tell that she is slowly getting better and that soon she will be over all this.

4th of July was her first time to meet cousin Grayson.  They are so cute together.  Grayson already loves her very much.  He always wants to look at her and can point to her when you ask "Where's Baby Harper?"  

Kristen and Grayson, Me and Harper

Grayson giving Harper a kiss

Aunt Krissy inspecting Harper.  This was about 1 minute before she pooped really big and astonished the entire family with how loud she can be!

Harper at 2 weeks with Daddy

Harper's first visit with Great Grandma Ruth and Aunt Martha (and Uncle Reed).  They were visiting from Florida and fell in love with her instantly.   Harper was 4 weeks old.

Grayson wanted to hold Harper.  He loves her.

Ok...wait!  Take her back!

We were very worried about Maggie being jealous of Harper when we brought her home from the hospital.  Little did we know that Harper was her baby, not ours.  She is very concerned when Harper cries and is constantly licking her feet to make her feel better.  And when she is really upset, Maggie whines like she is sad too!  

Maggie doing tummy time with Harper.  No matter how often I tell Maggie to get off the blanket, she has to have some body part touching Harper's blanket.

Harper crying because she doesn't like tummy time and Maggie trying to make her feel better.

At 4 weeks, Harper met her Great Grandma - Nana.  Her name is Victoria Elizabeth Hempkins, and it's where Harper gets her middle name.  She is a wonderful woman who loves the Lord and her family.  She is absolutely amazing and we love her.

4 Generations of Hempkins

Nana thought she was perfect!

This is Cody's green blanket that Nana made for him when he was born.  
Now Harper gets to enjoy it.  :)  

The other day, Tim and Tina Lulfs came to visit.  They are family friends that we have known for 18 years.  We all went to church together growing up.  My sister Kristen and I babysat for their two kids, Erin and Andrew, for years.  Erin was just 6 months old when we met and she took her first steps in our house.  She graduated high school this year and is going to college in Alabama.  I still see her as a little girl, but she's all grown up.  She wasn't here that day because she was doing mission work in Haiti, working as a nurse in a clinic down there.  This family is like my second family and it was so good for them to meet Harper.  

Me, Tina with Harper, Tim, Kristen with Grayson

We have now tried 4 different swaddles.  This last one isn't much better.  Harper is just too strong.  She can get out of anything.  And it seems that her crib incline might be a little to steep.  She moves down about 12 inches every night.  Hmmm...

Last, we finally made it to church!  Harper was 4 weeks and it turned out to be a great Sunday.  I guess God knew how badly we missed going because Harper was very well behaved and it was timed perfectly with her feeding.  Plus, she finally got to wear a cute outfit!

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