Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harper and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Night

I got a message from my college roomate, Ana, that some girls from high school were getting together and wanted me to come.  I was SO excited.  It had been so long since I'd seen them.  Plus, a few had gotten married and had babies and I really wanted to meet them.  Here is the story of last night...

Harper was great all day.  Playing, laughing, sleeping, etc.  At 6, I gave her to Cody to feed while I got ready.  She did not take the bottle well, spitting up on him multiple times and crying most of the feeding.  Cody had to change his outfit 2 times before leaving.  After a dose of Colic Calm, we finally got out the door, 15 minutes late due to her crying fit.  As we got on the highway, we realized that our GPS was not finding the address.  Sweet.  I had looked it up and remembered most of the streets and figured we could just find it.  So on to Frisco.  As we were driving, she was sitting all sweet and quiet.  It was the first time she had been in her car seat and actually enjoyed it.  We were so happy!  Fast forward 20 minutes.  We are now lost in Frisco.  I found the first two streets but we could not find the third and were lost, frustrated, and listening to a screaming baby.  She got so worked up that she started choking because she was screaming so hard.  Finally, Cody pulled over and we realized that she had had an explosive blow out.  Awesome.  So we changed her in the car, finding poop in her car seat, all over her clothes, and all over her.  Back on the road, we asked some people where the street is and they say it's not in this neighborhood.  Call my stepmom Kristi to get directions.  It seems we had made a left instead of a right.  Cool.  Turn around and find the house in 3 minutes.  Ok, well we are here and all is well.

We get to Kelli's house and all the girls are there.  We hug, visit, and everyone thinks Harper is so beautiful.  A few girls hold her, even though she is being fussy.  I feel awful, apologizing for her crying and explaining how life has been lately with a fussy newborn.  They all understand, many had colicky babies too.  It's nice to have people how truly know how hard it is.  So we visit, talk, and it's such a great night.  We have been there 1 hour and she seems to be getting hungry again.  Cody feeds her and I eat dinner.  After feeding her, she gets more and more fussy.  We finally retreat to the baby's room and try to calm her down.  She is just not happy.  Fast forward 30 minutes and lots of crying, and we give her another dose of Colic Calm.  We finally just decide to leave because she is just not getting better.  We say goodbye, apologize again, and hope to see them again soon.

I sit in the back knowing that she will be crying most of the way home.  We get 5 minutes into the drive and she is screaming, gagging, and choking again.  We pull over and it seems we have had another blow out.  I pick her up to change her and this time get poop all over me as well.  Cool.  We clean her up and get back on the road.  We get 2 minutes down the road and she is just inconsolable.  We pull over and sit for 10 minutes hoping to rock her to sleep so she will sleep on the way home.  20 minutes later, she is quiet.  Put her in the car seat and she wakes up and screams again.  This is not working.  I tell Cody to just drive and hope that the speed on the highway calms her down.  We get 1 light away from Highway 121 and our light turns red.  Cody, not wanting to stop, turns right.  We then encounter 4 more lights that are all red, and a screaming baby once again.  We finally make it to the highway and it's closed.  That's right.  No entrance due to construction.  Seriously?  So we follow the detour that takes us back to our original spot and circles around to another onramp.  We sit there for about 5 minutes and Harper starts screaming again.  By this time we are beyond frustrated so I take her out of her car seat and rock her while we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  15 minutes later, we decide to follow a group of cars that is turning and going another way.  We drive and just decide to go to the next light and get on there.  We get to the next light, uturn, and realize there isn't an onramp at that light.  We turn around again and go two lights away and finally get on the highway.  We are finally on our way home.  It takes an hour and a half to get from Frisco to Highland Village, a total of 30 miles, 25 of which are high way.

An exciting night, turned awful.  We got home with a screaming baby, a mom covered in poop, and a dad that hadn't gotten a chance to eat dinner that night.

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