Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Two weeks early, we celebrated Kristen's birthday.  Kristen and Brian are not really big on birthdays, but it still feels weird not to celebrate.  So this year, we just all met at their house with the McCool's and had a nice family dinner.  Brian grilled chicken and we all brought a side and it was easy and fun.  The kids ran around and had fun with all these crazy people to play with and the night went by way too fast.  It's fun to watch Reese and Grayson play - they are the epitome of brother/sister.  They rough house and play and hug all at the same time.  All three play ok together, Grayson bosses Harper around and Harper bosses Reese around, and Reese ignores both of them.  I love these three and it makes me happy that Harper loves her extended family so much.  

Kristen has had to create a "kids table" for family dinners lately and it brings back such funny memories.  The last couple of times, Harper has been having too much fun to eat, and when she leaves the table, Reese immediately finishes off her plate.  They make a good team.  Plus, they absolutely love having Taylor and Carleigh to play with because they will do anything for them.  And this time, even Pop got in on the action and I have never seen them laugh so hard!

It's hard to have such a big, crazy family, but we make it work.  My sister is such a fabulous wife and mom and I love having her around.  Happy Birthday sister - we love you!

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