Saturday, March 8, 2014

Be My Valentine?

Our play group had a Valentine's Party with crafts, games, lunch, and cookie decorating.  It was such a fun day.  We love this group.  None of the moms are judgey and the kids are all super sweet and play well together.  I'm sure this playdate was supposed to end at noon like all the others, but we stayed until 2pm and it couldn't have been more fun!

We went to Sarah's and got to see her new girls' rooms where they built loft beds and play houses.  It was awesome!  The kids played back there the whole time and had such a good time.  

Little Leah stayed with the moms, as well as Hudson, because they are too small.  But I swear the little girl always gives me the biggest smile!  She is just so loving and happy!  I have never seen such easy babies before - these two are perfect all the time!

We did a hand print salt dough craft this time.  Each kid got to play with the dough and make it into a circle, put their handprint in it and then paint a heart in the middle.  I love seeing how these kids are all so different with crafts and messes.  Aaron, boy to the core, is great at staying relatively clean, wants to paint the heart himself, and showing the camera his amazing craft with a perfect smile.  Clara is a sweet girl who just wants someone to put a ring on it.  Joey and Anna were kinda in between wanting it to be just right and wanting to run off and play.  Jack and James were both wanting to play and eat the dough and it might have taken a few tries to get their handprints just right.  And Harper of course wanted to eat it because she thought it was cookies.  In the end it, it turned out to be such a cute craft that I know I will love forever! 

After more play time, the kids had a lunch of heart shaped sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and banana bread. The moms had 7 layer dip and random bits of the kids stuff, and it's possible we may have eaten almost an entire 9x13 pan of the stuff.  But it was such a fun day just relaxing and playing.  After lunch, the kids got to decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles.  Let's just estimate that each kid used about half a can of sprinkles - they were all over those things!  Most kids only wanted to decorate one because then they just wanted to eat it, but they had a blast.  

Towards the end, we had the kids hand out valentines and they were soooo cute!  Joey was worried and sad because Harper couldn't have the twinkie because of her allergy.  Aaron was the most shy boy all of a sudden and giggled passing his out.  Harper didn't understand why people were putting stuff in her bag, but all she wanted was the candy anyways.  I just think little people are so cute!  

After all of the party stuff, we decided to head outside because it was absolutely beautiful and warm.  Goodness, we miss summer!!!  The kids all jumped on the trampoline and climbed on the fort.  It was a good hour of getting more energy out and enjoying the outdoors.  The moms just kept talking, did we ever stop?, and it was nice to have all this time to really get to know each other better.

We just kept playing, ignored the time, and had truly the best day ever.  The kids loved it and had a blast and the moms had a nice, relaxing, moms day in.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

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