Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Day at the McCool's

We are finishing up classes to be foster certified.  The classes have been all day Saturday and Sunday for two weekends.  Each grandparent got to watch Harper for one day.  That left an extra and we pawned her off on my sister.  Since we have so many grandparents and they are always so willing, the McCool's have never actually babysat Harper.  We have only babysat Grayson two or three times when he was a baby, and Reese the one time they went to Hawaii.  But I know these cousins love spending time together, so it was awesome to let them have a whole day just to play and have fun.
Grayson was really excited Harper was coming over. Right now they kind of have a love hate relationship. He loves to boss her around and she hates it. It's pretty funny because Grayson tries to boss Harper around and she ignores him and Harper tries to boss Reese around and she ignores her (more so because she's so young she doesn't really listen to anyone). They also do not share well with each other. But occasionally they play well together and Grayson will sometimes say "Harper's my best friend". Or on Sunday I heard him saying, "Come here best friend. You're my best friend but you're not listening to me!" Hilarious.

Cousin Lunch - such big kids all sitting at the table!

Playing with Reese's doll house. They were yelling because they would each drag the dollhouse closer to them.
Kristen put Reese down for her nap and read books to the G & H in Grayson's bed. Then she took Harper downstairs to her room because she doesn't really nap. She has been on a nap strike for a good 6 months but I make her have quiet time for two hours. Kristen gave her a ton of books but when she tried to leave Harper said, "Issy don't leave me" and it was the saddest thing. She laid down with her for a little bit and then left her. She cried and Kristen tried to channel her inner mean-mom AJ and told her "no crying Harper, it's quiet time."  It didn't work and she had to kiss boo boos and fix a blanket and make sure to not shut a door and Harper was totally playing her. But there's something about being okay when you're own kids cry and not being okay when it's someone else's. So she ended up letting H watch TV for her quiet time. Oh well!

The girls each had their purses - and they were all ready for the park!

We always try so hard to get a cute picture of the cousins - but it NEVER works! I literally don't have a single one worthy of a frame!

Aunt AJ's here! Reese was smiling and squealing with delight to see AJ!  Oh my goodness, this was the best welcome I have ever gotten!

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