Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold January

January has been cold. And dreary.  And boring.  We have been in our house a lot this month.  This winter has been mostly 40 degrees and under, mostly cloudy, and somewhat windy - which means that we are stuck indoors.  Plus it has iced, snowed, and sleeted and has made it hard to even venture to errands or friends' houses.  Harper has been a good sport but our creativity was put to the test with things to pass the time.  We used up some of her new crafts that Krissy got her for Christmas.  On really boring days when I just can't figure it out, I pour a bag of rice in a bowl and give her lots of different kitchen tools to play with.  We have been playing Barbie's a lot too.  I now know why they are always naked - those clothes are too hard for little girls to get on and off.  So either I do it every time, or I let Harper try and she ends up snapping Barbie's head off.  But she loves her Barbie's and she is getting seriously into make believe.  She can talk for an hour to herself, or to Barbie? about who is playing and what they are doing.  

Cody has had a great month.  His school has been good since they have had some snow days.  Plus, when it's decent weather, he gets a chance to do work outside.  He spent 8 hours one day chopping, moving, and burning down dead trees.  He shot some a really pretty bird while hunting one day.  Dixie almost got a huge treat while I was taking the picture, but no such luck.  He was also Mountain Man for most of the winter, but I'm guessing I finally complained enough and he shaved early for me.  He has also been the best dad ever.  Harper can't wait for him to get home from work and play with her - he is way more fun than me.  He chases her around the house long after I've quit.  He lets her jump all over him and dress him up.  Sometimes he even forgets and wears bunny ears for longer than necessary.  :)  He reads her books at night after bath and then lays with her for a few minutes while she settles into bed.  She loves talking to him during that time and they are so cute together. 

Harper has been doing so good.  We have rounded a corner in the "terrible twos" saga.  We are still working on things, but she seems to be listening better and not throwing terrible fits anymore.  She is enjoying preschool stuff, like letters, numbers, songs, and crafts.  She isn't napping still, but she is doing an ok job of staying in her room during "rest" time.  Sometimes her room is a complete disaster when she gets up, but it's working for us.  She likes to change clothes a million times a day.  Usually she puts on shorts and pj's, I think they are easy to put on.  She always wants to wear her boots.  She does go naked some, but that's not unusual.  She is kind of becoming a picky eater, but as long as it is something good that Cody or I would eat, she will most likely eat it.  Or as long as it is a carb - those she eats like crazy.  We have been trying to get her to drink juice, including prune juice and it was an immediate no go.  But in general, she's growing a lot, talking all the time, and such a sweet girl.

Harper knows a lot more than we ever imagined.  If I'm on my phone, she asks me who I'm texting.  When I take pictures, she immediately wants to see them and tell me how cute she is.  She is constantly jumping on our laps and climbing all over our faces.  She is always telling me, it's ok momma.  She is such a lover of people, wanting to make sure everyone is ok and loved.  She has gotten to taking awesome selfies and individual pictures of friends.  

Harper is going to be an arts and music major in school.  This girl is constantly drawing, painting, coloring, and writing on my stuff.  She is also ALWAYS singing.  Like, always.  Songs she knows, songs we sing with her, or songs she makes up.  She can sing random words and make it into a song that goes on for 30 minutes.  She sings in the bath, in the car, running around the house, playing with her toys, etc.  She is also big into dressing up into her dance costumes.  She likes to dress herself, but usually changes within minutes - some are itchy.  But she does dance around the house like she's the best ballerina in the world.  She jumps, hops, skips, spins, and leaps with the best.  She likes to always start on the flower on the rug, not sure why, but it's her spot.  And we listen to Pandora and dance the morning away.  It's so fun!

This sweet face came to see us on MLK day.  He is 4 months and he is always smiling and laughing.  He is so happy!  I'm sad I live so far away and don't see him more often.  But isn't he cute?  At least Jessica and I can still talk about everything since somehow we still have the same lives.  Miss my twin!

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  1. I LOVE the gold sparkly dress picture with the two of you. She is such a ham and a cutie pie and I can't get over how big she's gotten!!