Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Harper Elizabeth

Harper is one funny little lady.  Here are some funny things she does these days...

She loves to sneak her food.  She hides it in her highchair so Maggie can get it later.  Or, she'll watch me and wait until I turn around and fling food to the dog.  She would do anything for that dog.  Of course, when I tell her no, she smiles sweetly and continues to her food like she has no idea what I'm talking about.

She loves to play hide and seek.  If she hears someone coming, she screams really loud and jumps into my lap giggling really hard.  It's the best sound ever.

She is learning to stand on her own as we try to teach her to walk.  However, she knows that we get really excited when she stands and we tell her "good girl."  So when we stand her up, she automatically drops down and looks at us laughing really hard.

She thinks there is some conspiracy to her not being able to get cabinet doors open.  She keeps pulling on them and they keep falling closed and she just looks at me and whimpers.  I have to admit, I think that one is pretty funny.

She loves to take everything out of her dresser.  She has also gotten tall enough to take things in and out of her laundry basket.  I know have to be very mindful of what she's doing or I'll be washing clean clothes multiple times a week.

She has learned to play fetch with Maggie.  She gets a toy, usually one of hers, and holds it up to Maggie and babbles something like, "Are you ready?"  Then she throws as hard as she can, and the toy falls about 5 inches away.  Maggie of course runs to get it and Harper giggles some more.  Then, Harper reaches into Maggie's mouth, all the while our ferocious dog is growling.  It doesn't even phase her.  Eventually Maggie lets go and it starts all over again.

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