Sunday, January 8, 2012

1/2 A Year Old!

Harper is finally 6 months old!  She's halfway to 1 year and that is so exciting and scary all at once.  It's funny how when they are little and crying all night that you wish they grow up faster.  And when they get big and stop being your little baby, you wish they would go backwards.  But either way, we are having a great time these days and Harper is the best baby in the world!

She is a very happy, smily, people friendly baby.  She's likes most anybody that she meets and loves, loves, loves to play with other babies and kids.  She likes to be rebellious and usually thinks it's funny when she does everything except what you want her to do.
Her funky polka dot tights from Mimi

Watching her mobile.  Rolling over all the way is just for babies.

She is finally in 6 month clothing.  She is 26 inches long and weighs 16 1/2 pounds.  She has the cutest, fuzzy blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.  She is absolutely adorable.

Getting her first "taste" of money

Tried to watch Baby Einstein in the Mama Roo.  She did great for 5 minutes but then either the video scared her or she didn't like the Mama Roo.  A mom can only wish for some extra time....

She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Toys, blankets, fingers (hers and others).  She will even suck on your face if you'll let her.  She started rice cereal, to which she has a love/hate relationship with.  She gets so excited about the spoon and sitting in her high chair.  However, we have yet to actually swallow any of the cereal.  I spoon it in and it slides right back out.  She smiles the whole time with her tongue stuck out like it's the best game ever.  She likes the idea of eating, but not the actual stuff.  She also got a new sippy cup and loves it.  She wants to gnaw on it for hours.  It has handles so it's pretty easy for her to grab and and hold on to.  When she's upset, that is her new "go to" toy.  She has also gotten the knack of holding her own bottle.  She can't do it long, but she can grab it and put it to her mouth.

Learning to hold her own bottle

Her favorite things are lights and music.  She will stare at lights for hours and loves to hit anything that makes noise.  She has a new laptop and cell phone that do both of these things.  Yes, that's right, a laptop and cell phone.  It's funny how toys have changed these days.  But she also has a See N Say, which is the same toy that we had as kids.  Her absolute favorite activity now is jumping.  She loves her jumping seat and her exersaucer where she is strong enough to make herself bounce.  She gets so excited and then bounces 15 times real fast.  So funny.

She is still absolutely in love with her toes and her fingers.  I still catch her just staring at her hands, making a fist, waving, etc.  It's so funny to watch her.  She's SO focused.  She has started this new thing where she sucks on her lip and it makes a loud smack.  It's pretty funny.  She does that for about 3 minutes in the middle of her bottle and it always makes us laugh.  She also loves to blow bubbles.  Usually when we are trying to feed her cereal.  That was cute for all of about 10 seconds, until I ended up with cereal all over me and not in her mouth.

I definitely lost this battle


Her big thing over the last month is that she started talking ALOT.  She can say "da da" now and tons of other words that aren't english.  But she will only talk when she thinks she's alone.  Like in her stroller, car seat, crib, etc.  I guess she wants to listen to you if you are there and talks to herself if she's lonely.  She is so full of fun and energy, she's an absolute doll.  Scary to think in double this time she'll be 1!

 We can sit on our own now! 

Standing like such a big kid

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